Apple leaps ahead with game-changing 64-bit A7 processor

Because Apple controls iOS, with their new 64-bit A7 processor, “they can ‘tune’ or ‘optimize’ the software to maximize efficiently every bit of the core they designed,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “Apple needs only to design the A7 for one purpose – iOS. Therefore, they can focus in on optimization for performance gains in all areas they feel are important.”

“By moving to 64-bit and staying dual-core, Apple has effectively delivered equal to and perhaps better performance than competitors running quad-core chipsets with a dual-core solution,” Bajarin writes. “So where will this matter? Battery life is the biggest beneficiary in the short term. Every task that utilizes the CPU or the GPU will happen faster allowing the CPU to return to a low-power state much faster… By going to 64-bit now it sets Apple up for greater performance gains utilizing the architecture for their future. This years gains are 2X with better power efficiency. Next years will be 2X or greater with even better power efficiency and so forth. Each generation delivering better performance-per-watt.”

Bajarin writes, “Apple certainly could have kept riding the 32-bit curve and just added cores and optimization with each new process node. But by going 64-bit now, it means they have more grand ambitions to push the envelope in what is possible computationally with their smartphones, tablets, and perhaps more much sooner than expected. The iPhone will benefit from this, as I pointed out, with battery gains and new classes of applications (particular those that are graphically or computationally complex) but the real winner with this move will be the iPad.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

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      1. The rest of the world can waste their time doing little except satistifying their silly, petty desires with childish games. If Apple wants to cater to the immature and those easily amused by shiny things, so be it. When you interview for a job be sure to mention that in five years you hope to be the top scorer for Crysis – just don’t be surprised if you don’t get a letter of accptance.

    1. Reading Comprehension: D-

      It is optimized for iOS. And iOS is optimized for it.
      There will be a general speed up and improvement in most current programs. (not saying huge)
      Recompiling programs will yield the greatest improvements. 🙂

    2. Do you watch video? How about find yourself wanting more features in your applications? How about longer battery life?

      64-bit will benefit ALL of iOS, not just games. It’s just easy to point out how much it will affect an app using a high-end game as an example.

    1. @Macnut222 I imagine it went like this…
      Likely to be overheard in the management meeting:
      I thought we hired enough people saying FIRE TIM COOK! How can this happen? He’s doing to good a job for Apple setting things up for 2014 and beyond. We can’t copy this 64bit fast enough! How did we not know this was coming?

    1. Samsung has already declared Apple’s A7 processor obsolete.
      I can assure you the smartphone industry at large will declare this 10X better than anything Apple has to offer. It’s got cores galore, plenty of GHz to spare and if that doesn’t impress the spec junkies, nothing will. Apple can’t win a processor spec race against Samsung. Tim Cook will have to find another way to take Samsung out of the running.

      Samsung’s current Galaxy S4 has more than enough processing power for most consumers, but Samsung is going for overkill just to make Apple’s iPhone look feeble. Of course, there is the added battery efficiency of off-loading tasks to smaller cores and such. I’m afraid Apple can’t just sit back and be smug about having the A7.

      1. Samsung also announced after Apple’s event that it, too, will have 64-bit processors, not anytime soon, but in the next version of their smartphones (which I’m not sure how those two timelines work).

  1. NONE of this matters – as MDN readers already know even those (most of you) in total denial of what has happened and is happening to this company. Really, really depressing.

  2. Maybe it is time for some side by side tests and advertising. They are crushing the stock as if nothing new happened except for colored plastic. Nothing new coming this year. No Mac pro, no A7 iPads, no iOS 7, no AppleTV up grades, no nothing or no “Just one more thing” for 2013.

    Can someone at Apple please man up and be the evangelist that Apple so desperately needs. The spokes person can be anyone. Maybe the actor that played Steve Jobs? Or a virtual Steve Jobs that lives in the 5 Apple server farms? Ok, that will scare some people!

    1. For crying out loud, STOP bringing up stock price and tying that to product releases. Wall Street DOESN’T CARE which direction Apple stock moves, just so long as it moves in the direction that the traders placed their money on.

      Apple doesn’t need an “evangelist”. The direction iOS 7 and the hardware (A7, photo hardware, Touch ID) is going, soon even Samsung won’t be able to copy and paste it all.

  3. It will be interesting to see what Apple has in mind for the 64bit Arch. There is no glaring need for it now in any iOS devices, but in a year or two is where they are thinking I would imagine. iPad and Air merging? Apple TV becoming something more than a hobby? MacMini in a wrist watch?(joking) Or maybe something out of left field.

  4. 64 bit CPU is not going to be a big challenge for Samsung marketing. They can easily make a phone with a 64 bit processor, have Android run in 32 bit mode on it and spew spec comparisons and benchmarks to fool the clueless Android phone buyers.

    On the other hand, Apple doesn’t care. Their purpose is to deliver the best products possible, not compete on market shares of the “unused smart phone features bought by cheapskates” segment.

    1. Actually, Samsung can’t do that. Remember Android runs Oracle’s Java, so Google would need Oracle’s help in making Java 64-bit. Just throwing a 64-bit processor in a phone, with an OS that doesn’t support it, would be disastrous.

      So Samsung, what are you waiting for?

      1. Actually, its the Dalvik Machine that would need to translate to 64 bit, and since Google is not really concerned about Oracle’s Java at all, I don’t think it will be a big hurdle. Remember Oracle lost that case.

  5. Just thought I’d add this thought…
    Apple is doomed.
    How long till Samdung copies the fingerprint sensor and all the fandriods who are putting apple down for it will be singing praises for Samdung. It will happen.

    I see a lot of ppl saying they’ll stick or switch to android they don’t trust apple with their prints but we all know other phone makers are already working on a copy. What will they say then? All that glorious android malware stealing personal info AND their fingerprints to boot!!! Haha enjoy the ride fandriods you are about to go over the cliff.

    1. Hey troll,

      Guess what, you don’t have to use Touch ID if you don’t want to. Just turn it off.

      People claim all the time, “Just one more XX and I’m leaving!” yet they never do. Happens in all walks of life: Your cable company, favorite football team, spouse, phone, restaurant, etc. etc.

      1. BizLaw…I think you misread Scottr’s post and perhaps missed his sarcasm. I don’t think he is slamming Touch ID, as much as highlighting the asinine Fandroid arguments surrounding this feature’s benefits and ultimately risk to the Fandroid users. My 2 cents.

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