Apple releases iOS 7.0.1

Apple today released iOS 7.0.1.

This update contains bug fixes and improvements.

This update is for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

Available via iTunes and wirelessly.


  1. I still won’t download it. iOS 7 is an insult to the original iOS GUI. The original iOS was perfect in every sense of the word. The skeuwhateveryoucallit was what I loved about it. It felt real, even though it is digital. Six years of perfect design, thrown down the toilet. This might as well be Apple’s Windows 8 (not that Windows was ever good to begin with)

      1. So having different opinions is trolling? Do I have to like every single thing Apple makes? Should I go out and sleep with my Apple Pippin or my 20th Anniversary Mac? Stop being a Thought Nazi and get over yourself!

        1. No, logging onto a forum to shout “Look at me! I’m far too good for the new OS! I’ll never download it! I’m so contrarian and hip and you’re all sheep!” is trolling.


        2. No, having opinions is fine. Stating those controversial hyperbole-laden opinions as some sort of incontrovertible truth is what makes you a troll.

          As a communication designer for nearly 20 years, my professional opinion is that iOS 6 was looking very dated; NOTHING is perfect – that’s ridiculous. It’s also my opinion that iOS 7’s visual language is a big improvement to usability and aesthetics. I’m acutely aware that it’s just my opinion and avoid stating it as unarguable fact.

          If you want to keep using the old “perfect” iOS, then go right ahead. I’m moving on to what in my opinion is the cleaner, more-modern looking operating system.

      2. I don’t think that’s trolling. I updated my iPhone and my iPad yesterday with iOS 7. I love the way it works, but the icons do look flat and cheap compared to the previous ones, much like ugly Windows 8. I would really like to have the option to have them back, except the photos icon, I like that one, but mail, safari and calendar SUCK!

        1. This guy has posted long diatribes about iOS 7 every chance he’s had, whether or not the discussion has anything to do with iOS 7. It’s alright to not like iOS 7, and to say so, but what he and BLN do is trolling.

            1. No. Don’t be dense. Someone who deliberately goes around posting about the same thing in every discussion he can, even when the discussion has NOTHING to do with what he’s talking about, just to get a reaction, is a troll.

              I know you’re smarter than this, Goe. Makes me sad to see you be so horribly wrong and stick up for people like that.

            2. Certainly, not out to make you feel sad Doc.

              I defend free speech, right or wrong and competitive views are interesting.

              What pushes my buttons is when someone, like Seamus, tells people how to behave on this forum following PC religion and other speech codes.

              A free speech right that strays and oversteps in my view, but welcome, nonetheless … :~)

            3. Well, consider me telling trolls–people who are not here to add to the discussion, but to hijack it for their own enjoyment or to push their own agenda–to be ME asserting MY right to free speech. Free speech is not carte blanche to say whatever you want without consequences. The consequence of people like that coming on here and disrupting this forum of discussion is that people like me will tell them off.

              Now, if I had the power to actually stop him from posting, and did so … that might be wrong. Except that free speech is a government-protected one, not something that you can hide behind on a privately-owned forum of discussion such as this blog.

            4. “Well, consider me telling trolls–people who are not here to add to the discussion, but to hijack it for their own enjoyment or to push their own agenda–to be ME asserting MY right to free speech. ”

              Fair enough and good luck. I don’t think in troll terms, just fact and BS.

    1. I have to agree, Floyd. The colors are awful. The lack of contrast actually makes it difficult to use. Instead of the refined look of the more glassy elements, this looks like a design student’s first attempt in a 101 class. I’m a big believer that more often than not, less is more. But sometimes, less is just less. Some features are good, but the overall experience is a huge step backward. I will be looking for alternatives to as many native apps as I can just so the thing won’t hurt my eyes.

    2. The original iOS was not perfect in every sense of the word. No one, not even Apple, ever thought or claimed that. Your statement is utter bullshit.

      The reference to Windows 8 is completely off the mark, as it’s a desktop OS, not mobile. You might have intended it as a figure of speech, mayhap, such like saying iOS 7 is Apple’s Waterloo, referencing the once-great Napoleon’s defeat. If so, wait a bit for the forthcoming sales figures, and this may more closely resemble Austerlitz.

      1. “No one, not even Apple, ever thought or claimed that.”

        I don’t read anyone said Apple claimed that, but I do read conflicting opinions are wide ranging with different interpretations.

        “Your statement is utter bullshit.”

        Not convincing fangirl. iOS7 is disappointing on a grand scale and confusing visually judging by esoteric pastel icons, hard to read thin type on dubious backgrounds. OK, you don’t see it for what it is.

        Plain and simple, mousetrap not required …

        1. The original iOS was not perfect in every sense of the word. How is that in any sense true? I only pointed out that it was not. Hence, bullshit.

          As for iOS 7, I possess misgivings similar to yours. My astigmatism is a concern when dealing with thin typefaces; fortunately there are adjustments to be made in Settings that mitigate my vision difficulties.

          As to your final point, I personally happen to like pink &etc. I appreciate that you and others do not and I shall not attempt to convert you. Taste is after all a private thing.

          1. “The original iOS was not perfect in every sense of the word. How is that in any sense true? I only pointed out that it was not. Hence, bullshit.”

            Agree, nothing is perfect.

            ““No one, not even Apple, ever thought or claimed that.”

            Wrong or right, speaking for Apple as FACT is what got my Irish up … 🙂

            OK, so you like pink and I like blue. I won’t try to convert you.

            CHOICE is the FINAL ANSWER.

            1. In the future, dealing with a logical maven such as you, I resolve to refrain from speaking for Apple or anyone else. However, I reserve the right to create wild or inappropriate generalisations. Everyone else does so—why not me?

            2. “… wild or inappropriate generalisations. Everyone else does so—why not me?

              Certainly, indulge and take a big bite.

              That said, just that you stand out superlatively and have bigger fish to fry …

      2. “The reference to Windows 8 is completely off the mark, as it’s a desktop OS, not mobile.”

        Not mobile?

        Yeah your right, Windows phones and Surface tablets are running iOS8.


      3. The reference to Windows 8 is a good one. It looks flat and ugly as do some of the icons and such in iOS 7. Now, that said, iOS 7 works far better than iOS 6.13, but the icons shouldn’t have to look like someone at Microsuck designed them!

        1. Jeez, even Google is doing it. Every Tech company will try to force the Flat UI down our throats. It’s inevitable. The only thing to do is accept and embrace. I’ve had issues with both Windows 8 and iOS 7, but since I’ve learnt to love it.

    3. @Flloyd

      For months my same narrative of constructive criticism as you have noticed the Apple faithful does not take very well. And that’s fine, so be it entitled to their own opinions.

      Agree six years of PERFECT design has been thrown down the toilet. The replacement is a hideous joke and impossible to discern in some icons, granted the words underneath direct you, but the visuals for the first time — DO NOT!

      Thin Tim type for the first time is nearly impossible to read. And esoteric icon designs that come in several inconsistent graphic styles are a missed opportunity.

      Have fun and call me a troll, like I care …

      1. As I mentioned, the thin typeface bothered me, but switching to boldface cleared that up. Other UI issues remain, and as you indicate, they are substantial. No one could reasonably deny that, and we must await the judgment of the marketplace. Those of us with contracts must put up with it all.

        I can’t understand, or agree with your assessment of six years of PERFECT design. I never saw it that way, and I’d wager MDN and its minions would beg to differ. Pile on if you must—justifiably so—but please spare us the overly broad brush strokes.

    4. One thing that the designers at Apple know, is that if nobody complains, then they weren’t bold enough with their changes.

      I remember the same handful of people bitterly complaining about the Aqua UI when it debuted. Get over yourself.


  2. What a relief!!! It’s got to be a GREAT upgrade when the worst criticism is how thick or thin the font is and the icons are ‘flat’ looking.

    Sounds like a home run to me. Can hardly wait to download it. I’m out sailing this week and won’t be home til Sunday.

  3. Apparently Apple has taken it’s own advice and started up it’s copiers. The new way to exit an app is a blatant rip-off of WebOS. Guess Apple is no longer innovating. Steve must be rolling over in his grave.

    1. This is exactly what I have been saying all along. It’s just that these people are afraid of dissenting opinion. I understand if it is opinions that praise MS or Google, but we are dealing with an issue that deals with Apple itself! I’m in my early 20’s and everyone in my generation wishes it was the 90s again, because of the cartoons, video games, etc. They say be careful what you wish for, because Apple is in the same trouble they were in back in the 1990s, this time, Steve Jobs won’t be there to save them…

      1. No, he won’t be… While I like a fresh new look every now and again, the graphics of the new LaF (Look and Feel) are too cartoonish and reminds me of a Windows mobile device. Steve’s Apple always had style and sophistication, can’t say the same thing for Tim’s Apple.

          1. The main reason, other than Steve’s departure, I believe, is that Apple’s user-base has changed. In years past your basic cheap user, looking to only surf and do email, stayed in the PC realm and did not purchase Apple products. They derided Apple simply because they didn’t want or couldn’t afford to spend the extra money for a quality product. Now, all of these people have bought into the iPad and iPhone markets and their lower standards and lower class mentality is tilting the user base and, where Steve would not have lessened his commitment to quality and style, Tim has no such issue and is catering to the lowest class of user. Might sound a bit harsh, but that’s how I see it.

            1. Interesting point chasing everyone to grow market share. I believe in the end lefty taste in art and politics won out. Particularly, when the vocal miniority relentlessy derided leather stitching and felt …

  4. I love how this thread made sense about the actual issue of likes/dislikes of the new OS for about the first 4 responses until it started turning into who has more sand in their vag haha. You’re acting like a bunch of keyboard gangsters. I’m sure AOL Messenger still has a place for you to duke it out over the internet, but can we get back to what the actual post was about in the first place?

    1. Agreed. It is amazing to me the Apple faithful is quiet and not more vocal marching with pitchforks and torches. Comparing iOS 6 & 7 visually, is like comparing a glutton to a starving person. A 64 bit chip is necessary to drive a Yugo? Or in the old days, a Rabbit or a Gremlin. All that power, to drive a thin sheet of STENCIL design. This is not progress in my book. That said, art tastes are personal, fickle and open to interpretation …

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