Mossberg reviews Apple iPhone 5s: ‘The best smartphone on the market’

Apple’s “new iPhone 5S has a potentially game-changing hardware feature and a radically new operating system,” Walt Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal. “The iPhone 5S is the first digital device I’ve seen with a simple, reliable fingerprint reader—one you can confidently use, without a thought, to unlock the device instead of typing in a passcode. You can even use this fingerprint reader, called Touch ID, to authorize purchases from Apple’s App, iTunes and e-book stores… It’s a real advance, the biggest step ever in biometric authentication for everyday devices… In my scores of tests, with three fingers, the reader never failed me and none of the 20 or so people I asked to test it was able to unlock the phone.”

“Then there’s the new operating system on this phone, called iOS 7. Its new look, new user interface and new functions represent the biggest overhaul to the iPhone’s core software since the original model launched in 2007,” Mossberg writes. “Nearly everything has been improved, including multi-tasking, notifications, access to common controls, email, Web browsing and Siri. Like any big change, it’s a shock at first, but I have come to like it and consider it a step forward, despite a few issues.”

“After a week of testing the iPhone 5S, I like it and can recommend it for anyone looking for a premium, advanced smartphone,” Mossberg writes. “My biggest disappointment is that there have been only minor improvements to the keyboard. Unlike in Android, Apple still bars you from substituting third-party keyboards with better auto-correction. The company says this is due to security worries. Overall, however, the new iPhone 5S is a delight. Its hardware and software make it the best smartphone on the market.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. I would like to thank Walter Mossberg for being the most professional reviewer available today in the news media. He actually waited until he got his hands on the 5s before he rendered an opinion. Contrast this with the news commentators on CNBC, who have universally had opinions that were formed without the presence of the iPhone. Quackery is not confined to the AFLAC commercials, and I like the duck a lot better than any of the “wizards” on CNBC.

  2. Mossberg hype over tweaks and ordinary, expected updates. Check back when AAPL recovers to where it was when Tim walked onto the stage last month. Hopefully, he will quit doing that. It never helps – only hurts because it is a reminder of what’s wrong with this company.

    1. Hmmm.. yeah I’m curious what IS wrong with a company that just released two very expensive/profitable, and apparently very high quality products that will sell like crazy.

      Not only has Jonny Ive maintained his power under the Tim Cook era, he’s expanded it beyond what SJ ever gave him. So you’re upset with Jonny Ive for the design? Or you don’t like the price? Realize that Investor sentiment will NOT run this company. Apple has 120 billion in cash in the bank, and if the stock price goes down much further, Apple will slowly buyback the company.

      Thanks for all the help, naysayers.

      1. Here’s one NOT big surprise about Apple fanatics:

        We typically do NOT do what anonymous coward “Jay Morrison did above. We don’t go trolling around at wannabe competitor’s websites. We stick around in Apple fanatic websites and chatter away with each other. We also commonly (*taking a bow*) slam the hell out of assh*le trolls who don’t belong at an Apple fanatic site. This is why I troll trample and always will.

        Go run along and play in YOUR sandbox, stupid little anti-Apple trolls. We know perfectly well that your ONLY points are to HURT OTHERS and to ATTRACT ATTENTION and to ENJOY PERSONAL SUFFERING at the hands of others because you’re masochists, i.e. you require medical attention.

        It is entirely possible to have fun with trolls. Think of we troll tramplers as the CAT and the trolls as the MOUSE. We don’t just devour our trolls, we play with them first. They love the attention and we tramplers enjoy pointing out just how foolish and worthless trolls really are. Just as I have done here. Then… *CRUNCH*. The troll trampling has been accomplished.

        And yes, it’s all very silly. But it DOES keep the stupid little trolls away when they notice there are CATS in the room.

        IOW: You’re welcome. 😉

    1. It does need work. Killing the imposing re-spelling suggestions should be dirt quick and easy. Having to reach up to click the ‘x’ is not quick or easy. It’s annoying.

      What I’d rather have is something in between Apple’s method and what’s used in saintly Spell Catcher. Beep when the system sees a perceived misspelling. Red underline the perceived misspelling. Hover over or click inside a red underlined word to see a bunch of suggestions, not just one suggestion.

      There, solved it.

      On the Mac, make it as easy as hitting ⌘-. to kill the ‘x’ word.

  3. Yes, we know Walt.

    What’s good is that the limited-intelligence elephants on Wall Street appear to have gotten the clue as well. AAPL is up over 2% today. Not that it has anything like a reasonable price at this point. But at least the dummies are figuring out that Apple is as innovative as ever. No surprise to me! Apparently I have magical secret powers. (o_0) 😯

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