Apple, Google remove some restrictions on technology to Iran

“Google has told Android developers that they can start offering free apps in Iran, while Apple has removed Iran from among the countries to which sales of its products are prohibited,” John Ribeiro reports for IDG News Service.

“The move appears to be linked to the U.S decision in May to lift sanctions on the export of a variety of consumer communications devices and software and services including mobile phones to Iran,” Ribeiro reports. “Exports of the devices to Iran had been blocked since the 1990s, but ahead of presidential elections in the June in the country, the U.S. decided that its new license would empower the Iranian people as the Iranian government intensifies its efforts to stifle their access to information.”

Ribeiro reports, “Apple has also apparently removed Iran from its list of prohibited destinations for its products like the iPhone, iPad and Mac and associated software, citing the new general license in May. The list now includes Cuba, Syria, North Korea and Sudan.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. The good people of Iran should not be punished for words and acts of the ruling regime. Sanctions never work except to punish the common folk.
      This is good news for both Apple and the Iranian people.

    2. I would say that the U.S. should provide any food or medicine the “good people of Iran” wish to purchase. Anything that can be used as a weapon should be blocked.

      “… Sheikholeslam said Assad would immediately respond to a U.S. attack [on Syria] by going after the Jewish state with the full force of his military….”

  1. They are going to use all those Android powered phones and other Windows PCs to hack into these countries. They are going to use the people to infest the government’s equipment.

    Good move!

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