Apple had better hurry, because…

“Over the years, Apple’s naysayers have come up with a similar argument whenever another company comes out with a new tech gadget: Apple needs to deal with this competition and do something better real fast! You hear that meme playing out over and over again,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl.

“This doesn’t mean Apple won’t get on board a product segment that seems to have potential if given the proper treatment. So Apple TV remains a hobby, even though they have sold over 13 million of them,” Steinberg writes. “When it comes to wearable devices of some sort, it’s clear, based on what CEO Tim Cook has already said, that Apple is interested, but that doesn’t explain the direction that they will take.”

Steinberg writes, “Of course, if Apple doesn’t deliver an iWatch this year, some will suggest Apple is falling behind the curve yet again. Others might claim that there were production and/or development problems; anything to avoid admitting that they were dead wrong. We’ll just have to see how this plays out, but Apple won’t make an iWatch because tech and financial pundits tell them it must happen.”

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    1. Actually, Apple DID make a “netbook.” It’s called iPad, and it utterly destroyed the market for the ultra-small ultra-cheap laptop. As usual, Apple did something completely different to answer the “experts” who said Apple “must” do something.

      And iWatch will be something unexpected. The eventual Apple TV product (when it is finally NOT a hobby anymore) will also be something unexpected. In both cases, Apple will not release the product until it has all the parts for the strategy in place, that will make the product into a huge success, like iPad and iPhone.

  1. As if those Tech/Financial Punters are capable of running the most valuable company on the planet with 100Billion in the bank. People who hang on to these idiots as if they are experts, deserves to own POS stuff from MS/Android/Google/Samsun.

    1. Exactly. Somehow observation and facts are thrown out of the window and these talking points are giving advice on and to the most successful company in the world. They say how wrong apple is despite its monumental success. To add to the craziness, there are people who believe these silly analysts.

  2. of course, Apple has never, ever said they were making an “iWatch” …

    As always, Apple is late to their own (rumored, never substantiated) party. What losers they are!

  3. How many times have we heard this before? Apple doesn’t have to be first because they have proved it over and over again. It started with the MP3 players. The iPod didn’t come out until almost the 3rd year of MP3 players were out. The naysayers said then Apple would fail. Result, Apple took over the market and has never looked back. They said that about Apple’s retail stores especially since Gateway just closed all of theres. Apple is now leading in retail sales ever since. It happened again with the iPhone, the iPad. Apple doesn’t have to rush to the market because it has proved many times over if you just make a better product it will sell.

  4. I think at some point every company falls behind some curve. It wouldn’t be possible for one company to be the first at everything although they expect Apple to be. As an Apple shareholder I wish Apple could always be the first to market, but that really doesn’t matter. Whether Apple is first, second or third to the market by several months, if the product is a good product consumers will buy it.

    I’m not sure why analysts are always concerned Apple is going to be left behind. Maybe they think Apple won’t make enough money if someone else gets there first. What’s odd is why everyone is so obsessed with what Apple does. Half the people want Apple to get someplace first and the other half are overjoyed when Apple gets passed by some other company in market share. It’s like some never-ending cosmic race.

  5. Question, does Apple need to be first to market again with iWatch so others can copy?

    Keep in mind, the idea of a Smartphone – a hybrid of Newton or PalmPilot and Phone were rumours for a long time. Miniature pocket computers and sophisticated calculators have been around before before that. Technology builds on the shoulders of history and dreams.
    IBM had the first true Smartphone… and the handset makers all had BlackBerry inspired smartphones with a real bad browser. SO in perspective… APPLE STUDIED the landscape and innovated on a bigger screen with a virtual keyboard – patented the methods of input and harnessed a new type of browser… the marriage of hardware and software (iOS) made the complete product that put the world on this crazy.
    iPhone was the better Smartphone. Google and Android merely followed the next year… and let the system freely get into the hands of Samsung.

    The major point here is Apple Studied the market and what was WRONG with MUSIC players… hence iPods ruled.

    The same happened with the smartphones… Apple looked and provided a better solution. Denting the universe of phones all together.

    So, iWatch… why the heck does Apple need to be first.
    There is no wearable market yet, even though Nike and Apple might have started it all. There is an watch out there.
    Apple is better off providing a television solution since they have something to IMPROVE on there… a watch I am not convinced there is much need yet. nor would it be the next big thing.

  6. HURRY!

    Blahblahblah. Apple does it well and does it right like NO ONE else ever does. Arm chair quarterback companies and ‘those who can’t teach, criticize’ analcysts wish they could do half as well.

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