Alleged Apple retail packaging leak confirms iPhone 5S name and 128GB model

“The rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are gaining momentum as the expected launch date draws closer,” Hammad Saleem reports for AppleTell.

“There is now a leak that shows us the alleged retail packing of the iPhone 5S, which would confirm the device will be called iPhone 5S,” Saleem reports. “A leaked image also shows that there will be a 128GB variant of the much anticipated iPhone 5S.”

Saleem reports, “The alleged retail packing images of the iPhone 5S comes from China, showing a box that displays an iPhone 5S running iOS 7.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. While I find the 5S names and 128GB option believable, I think I saw this article yesterday where the creator of the packaging images admitted it was his Photoshop creation, so MDN appears to be throwing it in for Ad clicks. Calling it alleged doesn’t made it any less fraudulent.

    1. I don’t think the image has been altered.
      The grain compression artifacts (even wen inspected in luma and chroma only) and gradients appear consistand (and normally don’t if shomwone has “photoshopped” it.)
      And I am a professional compositor using image manipulation and analysis tools far more advanced than photoshop) If it’s a comp it’s a dam good one (and not done by a PS jockey)

      Doesn’t mean it’s true but… it does bring into question the validity of the article you “think” you saw.

      1. As far as the one showing 128GB… I’m not sure if it’s real or fake but it would take me about 30 minutes to create an equivalent image. All you need to do is print it out and then take a picture of it. Boom 512GB!

        The photo (if you link to the original site) that shows the iPhone 5S looks fake because:
        The square around the S is at a different angle than the horizontal plane for the “iPhone 5”. Also, there’s not enough n-space around the S on the top and bottom. If the 4S packaging is any indication, it should be chrome embossed, although I could see how that could change.

        Regardless… I REALLY want 128GB!

        1. Yep, I am not saying it’s definitely real, you can easily make a mechanical fake and take a picture, or even fake one well (I could fake an image so well that I couldn’t tell it was altered 😉 )

          But I can (normally) spot the PS jockey’s alterations fairly easily (because it is not easy to keep the gradients grain & compression artifacts smooth and linear, particularly if you don’t know to look for them (i.e. Photo looks good to the eye in RGB space))

  2. It’s either real or fake, take your pick. MDN has articles all the time that are rumor mongering. So why care, the iPhone 5S will be real and will be announced, hopefully the rumor is correct, on September 10.

      1. Although, I SOOO could use 128GB.. or MORE..
        The single most needed feature in my opinion.
        We are collecting so many
        I’ve always said they need the IPHONE Pro..
        Throw in the 3 day THINK battery. Brag about it.
        I’d get rid of my mophie in a second. And the Mophie product is great. BTW…

  3. I wanna 256Gb Touch, to replace the 160Gb Classic.
    I’ve pretty much reached capacity on my Classic, and I’m not giving up buying music anytime soon.
    C’mon Apple, people have huge music libraries, or rip and buy music in FLAC and Lossless, which take up lots of space; give us the means to carry that with us.

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