Haswell-powered MacBook Pros reportedly to ship in September

“A couple months back, Apple updated the MacBook Air line with Intel’s new, power-sipping Haswell processors, leading to a doubling of battery life across their lineup of ultraportables,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“No joke, Haswell’s like a miracle: my MacBook Air gets better battery life than my iPad these days,” Brownlee reports. “Despite the fact that Haswell’s such an incredible boon to battery life, Apple still hasn’t rolled it out to the MacBook Pro line. A new report suggests that will change in September.”

Brownlee reports, “According to a new report by Hong Kong-based supply chain monitor, EMSOne, Taiwanese manufacturers have started shipping components for new MacBook Pros based on Haswell to assembly plants.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. reportedly = nice way of saying rumored

    That being said, we are due/overdue for the update but until Apple announces it, it’s still a rumor, no matter what you call it.

  2. Battery life would be better if Apple designed notebooks with IGZO displays. Apple’s adoption of the best technology is glacially slow. What’s up, Tim? 21st century technology not good enough?

    1. Not quite fair. How would adaption of IGZO technology in the displays affect cost? How many other makers are doing so right now?

      If everyone BUT Apple has adopted IGZO technology – and more importantly reap the benefits, you may have a point; if relatively few have, then your point is nonsense.

      Which is it?

      1. Apple eliminated the floppy before anyone else.
        Apple introduced FireWire before USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt.
        Apple ditched the DVD/CD drive for streaming technology.

        Now you suggest that Apple only adopt IGZO if the majority of Windows-based companies do so. Has Apple abandoned its commitment to integrating the best of new tech? Is Apple now the follower not the trend setter? Does Apple lead the world in consumer electronics or is Apple just another company in a host of companies?

        Leader lead, take risks, push forward. You display no qualities of leadership or forward thinking. You would rather sit on your hands. You are not the type of person I would consider worthy of providing advice.

        1. And Apple delayed 3G on the iPhone until it was possible to achieve decent battery life despite the fact that other companies were milking that delay to make Apple look bad. But it was the right decision.

          Apple does the right thing at the right time. Apple does often push technologies into the mainstream sooner than others believe possible. Apple does not consult MacFreek when making those decisions. No one does.

    2. The IGZO displays sound really nice, but there has to be a reason they have not seen mass adoption yet. Perhaps they are hard to manufacture? Maybe there is some nagging problem that reduces lifetime? You have to think that Apple has had samples in their labs for a long time and will use them as soon as they are reliable.

  3. Any word on what happens to them? I still need an optical drive & want the ability to upgrade RAM & hard discs, but would love to upgrade to a Haswell version.

  4. I think the delay by Apple on MBP is to ramp up for a new form factor model with new internal architecture ala MacBook Airs, which would also mean the end of internal SuperDrive.
    With a 13″ & 15″ and maybe even a 17″ as part of the redesigned Pros, the larger form factors should give battery life similar to MBAirs.
    Hey, I just bought a MBP 15″ back in Feb so if the new model is awesome and similarly priced, I would have waited 🙁

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