Photos show purported champagne gold ‘iPhone 5S’ between black and white iPhone 5 units (with photos)

“A set of photographs from a Japanese website surfaced on Thursday, supposedly showing a widely rumored gold colored ‘iPhone 5S’ shell in various comparison shots with two current generation iPhone 5 handsets,” AppleInsider reports.

“The images come from cellular phone parts dealer Moumantai and were published to the blog of weekly Japanese tech magazine ASCII Plus (via,” AppleInsider reports. “From the photos, it appears that the supposed ‘champagne’ iPhone 5S casing has no significant design variations compared to the iPhone 5, including button layout, speaker holes and SIM card lot position. ”

Purported Apple iPhone 5C in champagne gold (source: Moumantai)
Purported Apple iPhone 5C in champagne gold (source: Moumantai)

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      1. my guess this NEW vanilla cream backing
        would replace the bright clinical white of last years model — yet keep the greyish top and bottoms of the phone… creating a two-tone appearance like the black phone. Hence there would not be three colour choices from Apple regarding iPhone 5s/c.

  1. It’s a classy and elegant choice (rather than a true “gold” would have been), and is soon to be copied, but I’ve no doubt that it will be wildly popular.

    1. Yep, I have recently seen a samsung mockup of a flip phone “pre announced” that (looked like vacuformed prototype) in gleaming gold mylar.
      It was… in a word hideous

      It was so bad I’m not sure it wasn’t a tongue-in-cheek parody on samsungs vapid designs (On the other hand their lack of taste knows no bounds)

  2. Everyone is snickering, saying Apple can no longer innovate so this new color is all they could come up with for a new smartphone. They all wanted to see a large display instead of a new color. There will be a lot of unhappy pundits out there when the new iPhone is finally introduced.

    1. iOS7 seems like a major catch up.
      Until one uses it, you shall see Android defectors who regret a non-upgradable phone. You may see, Apple fanatics glad to see directions where jailbreaking provided some nice features – done better. The field becomes a little more level now. In a field where Android should never have copied iOS in the first place.

  3. Not sure why people are calling this “gold”. When I think of gold I think of a darker, dull color. Often fake or cheap looking.
    I think this looks much better and is very classy.

    1. i believe Apple will keep the two-tone appearance as seen in the Black iPhone. Matt back (almost a rubberized-like texture) hard to make gold anyways — with Glossy top and bottom (done also in simulation – not real gold ofc).

      We are seeing a photo (not a colour proof or press-match) also its non certified – no text or markings (FCHCE??? <– called?) so its no way final.

  4. i’m certain this pic is not an accurate representation of the actual color. i take tons of product pics for our business. Silver and Gold colored products are very difficult to photograph, even in the best of lighting conditions. it is almost assuredly brighter/more colorful than this pic portrays.

    1. I agree, and from what you noted, the polished gold glossy areas would be the tops and bottoms of the phone – which here are removed. The vanilla cream back has a matt / rubberized feel – call it gold or whatever — it will never appear lustrous, as it was not intended — and perhaps the photographer has removed those parts knowing what you know… depiction of gold in photos difficult.

    2. Open the picture in Preview. Use the Tools -> Adjust Color… tool. Click on the magnifying glass next to Tint. Click on the “white” back of the white iPhone. That’ll add about the right amount of yellow back into the picture so the white looks correct, and to my eye, the tabletop looks more natural, too. And you end up with a better “gold” in my opinion. (This is on a color-calibrated iMac…)

      1. Play all you want Jim… and thanks for the lessons…
        but this photo is not too far off the actual colour, that Apple will produce – if true they offer it. This is as Michael said — Champagne Gold – its accurate enough here… Apple will not do a gold plated chrome-glossy-looking back… it would be TACKY – like Tessellator said, “gleaming gold mylar – is “hideous”. Apple makes sophisticated tasteful choices, like Grrrilla said, “It’s a classy and elegant choice.”

        1. I wasn’t trying to get it to a “chrome-glossy” back. I was trying to adjust the blue cast that was showing on the white iPhone. And I believe the adjustment to reveal a more accurate champagne color than what was published. Folks whose monitors are not calibrated may be seeing something different and therefore drawing different conclusions about the white balance of the published photo.

    3. good photography starts from two points, highlights and contrast… we have fairly accurate black points and white points. And the proof is – iPhone Black and iPhone White appear very accurate in this photo. Colour balance is not way off here – yet could need minor tweaking.

      1. One trick to help judge the white balance is to run the saturation all the way up. You will see too much blue, whether that’s from white balance being off (my opinion) or a blue ceiling being reflected by the white of the phone. With the saturation all the way up you can adjust the temperature of the image to restore the white iPhone to a more white color — and then you have a more champagne color on the middle phone. Then you bring the saturation back down (some, I think, not all the way to the middle) and you have a very nice champagne. Perhaps the “C” in 5C means champagne. But then you’d need “iPhone 5B” and “iPhone 5W” 😉

    1. There are legal reasons why the permit information does not show up on test units, mostly because the final permit-to-operate has not been issued. This really has no bearing on whether the unit is real or not; many early iPhone 5 pictures had the same kind of test back as shown here.

    1. As jim mentioned – there is a blue cast on the image from the article. What you express here – is that the champagne gold represented in the original image — does look grey next to a yellow or gold.

      Also, Its interesting that Apple did not consistently keep glossy areas the same colouring as set by the black iPhone. White phone had a silver Apple logo making it appear three tones.

      Jim is right – the photo is not balanced well.

  5. Color choice is what Apple has used many times via the iMacs, iPods, and now iPhones to distract from significant improvements! Siri was the primary selling point of the 4S. No wonder why Tim is losing support. Bigger screen or forget it! IPhone is used SS an iPad 95% of the time! Size matters! Bring it!

    1. Though many will disagree, iPad mini is Apples secret weapon.

      If only Apple would add telephone capabilities and a blue tooth ear piece, iPad mini becomes the larger iPhone. And not only that, it would be the largest phone on the market. It also would be the best Phonlet/Phablet or whatever people are calling that type of hybrid (tablet-phone).

      I been saying this fro too long now. But Apple could really do with streamlining the product line.

      iPhone and iPad; the ONLY difference of the two would be that iPad is wifi only.

      Streamlining the product line clearly tells customers in a honest way – categories and functionality.

      Currently Apple produces
      a 4″ retina screen, a 9.7″ retina screen, why can it not produce a 7.9″ screen…

      Yet if it did… customers would see the simplification of the options such as, Large, Medium and Small.

      Hence, iPad could come in 3 screen sizes.
      Meaning iPhone can be offered in 3 sizes also.

      Tim can make quick and superb decisions on this… by doing such a simple move… by passing the competition.

      Large 9.7″ / Medium 7.9″ / Small 4.0″
      32 / 64 / 128 / 256 Gb
      – wifi only no sim slot

      Large 9.7″ / Medium 7.9″ / Small 4.0″
      32 / 64 / 128 / 256 Gb
      – unlocked – carrier of your choice – sim slot
      – both wifi and data / voice carrier network services

      CUSTOMER and APPLE both benefit from this streamlining.

      Bigger iPhones can be on the way IF APPLE wished it.
      iPad mini is the perfect size for daily outdoor usage.
      An iPhone the size of iPad mini would sell fabulously.

      A gold iPhone same size as last years, 20% more efficient and 20% more powerful with a A7…

      LAST note,
      All items sold at Apple – Should offer the latest processor EVERY year… thats my only true complaint about Apple.

      iMac mini – should have the latest processor available.
      Apple TV – should offer the A7 also… of course at premium pricing – yet offer last years processors as a saving option.

      A gold phone with iOS7 doing 3D models and gestures without touching the screen — sounds interesting — but Kenetics and LeapMotion have technology Apple needs to inspire iTV and future iDevices… lets hope iOS7 has a lot more to offer…

      AND SIRI and MAPS need to go beyond the beta level.

      Come on Cook.

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