Beleaguered Nokia to launch large-screen phablet smartphone next month, sources say

“Nokia plans to unveil new, large-screen mobile handsets next month to revamp its Lumia smartphone lineup and challenge rival Samsung’s dominance in increasingly popular phablet devices, sources said,” Reuters reports.

“Nokia has developed more than one new mobile device and is due to announce them at an event in New York in late September, said the sources familiar with the plan,” Reuters reports. “The sources would not elaborate on details such as specifications and price but said the new models will include a phablet, a common name for smartphones with screens over 5 inches.”

Reuters reports, “Market leader Samsung has led the way in phablets, proving wrong early critics who said they were too clunky. Apple is the top seller of tablet devices… A phablet would be the latest addition to Nokia’s range of Lumia smartphones which use Microsoft’s Windows Phone software… The company has bet its future in smartphones on Windows Phone software, but Windows’ share in the market is still at 3 percent, while Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS together control over 90 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Desperation leads to compromised products.

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  1. When can we finally read: Apple to launch large-screen phablet smartphone next month, sources say. There would definitely be a huge market.

    Also it would fit into my collection of iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4, not to mention the OSX stuff. Tim, c’me on!

  2. The iPads have cellular capability. Apple & Carriers ought to just outright allow calls. Use a BT earpiece with it. That will compete nicely with the stupid Samsung oversized gonads. iPhone size is perfect as is.

  3. They’ve all (except maybe Microsoft) learned the important lesson. Going head-to-head with Apple’s on iPhone and iPad is a money-losing proposition. The only way to compete with Apple’s products is to NOT compete with Apple’s products. Go where Apple intentionally does not go…

    Hence, the ultra low-end Kindle Fire, priced to NOT make a profit, by design. Touchscreen laptops. “Desktop tablets” that are too large and heavy to hold and use. And these ‘tweener devices that are too small to be worthwhile tablets and too large to fit in your pocket.

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