“While analysts, Wall Street, former Apple employees, and yes — journalists — have been raking Apple over the coals for its agonizingly slow product release cycle and lack of response to the growing market for larger screens, Tim no-new-products-until-this-fall Cook has held his fire,” John Koetsier reports for VentureBeat.

“That’s probably at least partly due to the fact that that ‘growing’ market might indeed be growing, but not all that quickly. In fact, according to mobile advertising company Tapjoy, fablets only make up a tiny four percent of the market,” Koetsier reports. “‘Fablets don’t fill a market need that is most valuable to end users,’ Brian Sapp, a director at Tapjoy, told me yesterday. ‘They fall in a grey area … the device manufacturers want to make larger screens, but most users just don’t care… [they] want a phone that fits in their pocket.'”

Koetsier reports, “While fablets may be a small slice of the market, phones that are bigger than iPhone are not… Which means it is very likely that a larger iPhone will be coming at some point in 2013, closer to fall. Just not as big as some pundits might like. And, it probably will still fit in your pocket.”

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