Why Microsoft’s Skype still can’t compete with Apple’s iMessage

“The one Microsoft platform that both needs native Skype integration the most and provides the best fit for native Skype integration doesn’t bake in the service by default: namely, Windows Phone,” Brad Chacos writes for TechHive.

“Yes, a Skype app is available for Microsoft’s phone platform, but it’s not installed on phones by default, as it is with PCs, tablets, and the Xbox,” Chacos writes “And it’s all because of greed, grudges, and fear… Like iMessage, a native Skype app could hook into your phone’s text messaging and be configured to automatically use the service rather than SMS whenever possible. But why stop there? If Skype were baked into Windows Phone, it could do the same for voice calls.”

Chacos writes, “Microsoft should jump at anything that could make Windows Phone more appealing to everyday users, and integrating Skype definitely falls into that category—but doing so would royally piss off the carriers. Apple and Google have the market share to force their cross-platform messaging services on the likes of AT&T, but with just 3.7 percent of the smartphone market, Microsoft simply can’t afford to battle the The Man.”

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  1. Because of the Hype and BS people hear from MS drones and the stupid media, I know people who actually use Skype instead of FaceTime to people with iPhones or Mac… I asked why are you using Skype instead of FaceTime. “Oh its free and everybody uses it”… ummm what? I try to explain, then I get the “skype works for everyone, so I don’t wanna learn another thing..” *sigh*

  2. Why boing 747 can’t compete with Ferrari Testarosa…

    Okay not the same thing but just about as pointless of a comparison.

    Maybe the authors point would have better been made if you compared Skype to FaceTime

    1. Well, for me, that would be “always”. And I use iMessage close to every day.

      Look, I’m sorry for the people that have had problems with the service, but don’t try to spin iMessage as this unreliable service that goes down all the time. If that were the case, I think I’d have experienced it by now.


    2. I agree great idea that I can hardly use, only one person in Australia can I successfully message, I have given up on the others who have iPhones as neither their number or email is accepted, one just stopped working and have never been able to get it working since. Same problem on both my iPad and new iMac though i can message myself… sometimes. Even the one I can get often rejects messages a couple times before delivering them. Skype on the other hand worked first time to any email or number I have tried. Just hope one day iMessage will improve cos it would indeed be a superior product.

  3. Skype should not compete with iMessage.

    iMessage is for messaging only.
    Where FaceTime is for video only.

    If Apple put the two together we would have iChat again. Now Then, maybe Skype could try to compete.

  4. Even before MS took over Skype was going downhill. The app looks worse and worse with each update. Thats every version I use MBP, iphone and ipad. The actually functionally is not bad usually but the UI is just yuck. Personally facetime calls have always looked better than Skype calls even using the same device and same data connection. Once MS did take over they starting charging for things they didn’t used to in the past.

    I still use Skype but not like I used to. There are so many alternatives to Skype nowadays for chatting and VOIP call. FaceTime and IMessage plus other apps like Kakaotalk, Tictoc, Line, Seed and a host of others. I tend to use Skype the most of my MBP when i’m playing online games. Thats one thing Skype seems to have over most other services. the ability to voice chat with out 25 people. Of course we will see what happens when Facetime voice comes out. in iOS7.

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