Apple may work with China Mobile; iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C to launch in China on November 28

“China Mobile, the world’s largest telecom carrier by subscriber numbers, and Apple are likely to work together on Apple’s next generation of low-cost iPhones, reports Shanghai’s First Financial Daily,” Want China Times reports.

“According to foreign media reports, Apple may adopt Qualcomm’s chipset with the TD-SCDMA that supports China Mobile’s system for its next handheld device — removing previous obstacles in the path of working with the Chinese telecom giant,” Want China Times reports. “The two companies had previously failed to reach an agreement because the chipset Apple was using did not support China Mobile’s wireless mode.”

Want China Times reports, “The iPhone 5S with a suggested retail price of 5,599 yuan (US$915) and iPhone 5C for 3,399 yuan (US$555) are scheduled to be rolled out in China on Nov. 28. The Chinese launch date is scheduled two months after the official global launch because the device has yet to pass a verification procedure conducted by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]

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  1. The price points are the most interesting part.
    iPhone 5 is currently listed on the Chinese Apple online store as costing 5288 yuan as compared to $649 on the US store.
    Keeping the same ratio yields $417 and $687 prices for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S respectively.

  2. This article is nothing more than another China Mobile iPhone tease. Grrrrr. This deal is taking forever. It’s rather apparent some palms need to be greased to speed up the approval process.

    Word has it that the Samsung representative went to China Mobile headquarters with a bag of 20 various smartphones in one hand and a bag of cash in the other hand and the approval process for all those Samsung smartphones were completed in less than a day. Within a week Samsung was selling millions of smartphones to Chinese consumers on the China Mobile network and the rest is history. Samsung became the darling of China Mobile and its market share skyrocketed to the heavens.

    Talk is cheap, but only a bag of cash produces positive results.

  3. ChinaMobile back in the day built a weird version of CDMA followed by a equally deliberately off-spec 3G. It has developed its 3G to international standards but a huge amount of their user base are still the weirdo CDMA.

    Korea sitt had a significant base of the same CDMA as CM. Ergo, they slipped in a on that.
    The iPhone 4 & 4s support the version of 2g Edge which is pretty crap.

    Where Apple and CM are at the moment only they know but my point is that the delay is not just because either side Is pissing about.

    China is a bastard to deal with but not just politely or cultural reasons.

  4. I know that most of the people who wanted an iPhone in China already has one, even way before the iPhone is officially launched and by the way, there are also many people in China who can afford the iPhone are having two phones, one on each carrier. So I don’t quite understand what’s the big deal over this news ?

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