Google’s Moto X no ‘iPhone killer,’ say reviewers

“Motorola’s ‘Moto X,’ the cellphone maker’s first flagship device since Google bought the company in 2012, stands out in a crowded market due to its customizable colors and materials, yet stops short of being an ‘iPhone killer,’ reviewers said,” Reuters reports.

“Moto X is Motorola’s latest attempt to break into a smartphone market dominated by Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics,” Reuters reports. “Reviews published in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times newspapers late Tuesday praised the phone’s customizable colors and materials, but said its other features were not game changing.”

Reuters reports, “Walter Mossberg wrote in the Wall Street Journal that ‘Moto X is an innovative phone, not a revolutionary one. But it may point toward a more revolutionary future… But I wouldn’t call the Moto X a game-changer, like the original iPhone was in 2007,’ he wrote.”

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    1. How long has it been since Google bought Motorola and started the development of their “flagship” Android smartphone? A year? And this is the best that they can deliver even leveraging past Motorola smartphone designs?

      Google is the company who should be blasted for not being innovative. At least Apple has a track record of true market innovation with real, not beta, products. Rather than the “what have you done for me lately” that plagues Apple, Google should be asked, “what have you done for me at all?”

  1. If the best thing that can be said about the MotoX phone is its customizable colors, then that implies the device is at best a shiny new toy: the same criticism that opponents of Apple have said about its products for years. Guess the shoe’s on the other foot now, but interestingly noone seems to notice this.

    This also seems to imply the Purchasing Public is unable to discern the difference between a quality device and a cheaply-made one, which is a prematurely dismissive observation, because a lot of people may be deceived through misleading marketing tactics when making their next cellphone purchase.

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