Apple looks to add advanced touch sensor to next-gen iPhone, appears difficult for Android to copy

“In a market saturated with smartphones that all increasingly look the same, Apple wants its next iPhone to stand out and be difficult for cloners to duplicate,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “Key to that strategy, it appears, is an advanced ultra-high resolution touchscreen technology it has developed over the last two years, shrouded in great secrecy.”

“It’s widely anticipated that one new feature Apple will be incorporating in its next high end model is a component that serves as an ultra precision, capacitative touchscreen,” Dilger reports. “But rather than being part of the display, it appears it will be built into the Home button. And rather than being used to track your finger’s movements, it will be used to uniquely verify your fingerprint.”

Dilger reports, “Early last year, Apple began working with AuthenTec, a company that built advanced fingerprint scanners in addition to selling encryption-related embedded devices and encryption software for VPNs and secure video delivery… Last September, after Apple’s acquisition closed, AuthenTec notified existing customers, including Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, that it would no longer be fulfilling their orders for parts in 2013.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Fingerprint scanners are ok, but what happens if I cut my finger and have a band-aid on it? Or there’s a slowly healing scar that keeps constantly changing my fingerprint?

    1. Truth is, this is a minimal convenience feature that will be optional to use, but the old combination lock code will still be available. If Apple includes it, it will only be an attempt to differentiate itself from the competition (like Windows with touch screen capability – limited effect on the overall experience).

  2. We had fingerprint scanners with our handheld devices when I worked for the Census back in 2009. What a pain in the butt those were since half the time they didn’t register. Granted they were some crappy hardware and I don’t remember the brand but I hope this new tech has the Apple touch.

    1. If you’d been paying attention you would know that the AuthenTec technology does far more than map the physical ridges on the outside of your fingertips. It reads magnetic fields and other info from deep within the skin layer — things that only work while the finger is alive. Cut off someone’s finger and the scanner won’t read it.

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