Moto X: ‘If this is the best product that Google can come up with, it has failed’

“Google just announced the release of the Moto X. Finally, we get our first glimpse at what Motorola has been up to since Google bought it out,” Alexander Cho writes for The Motley Fool.

“If this is the best product that Google can come up with, it has failed,” Cho writes. “The new iOS 7 operating system and the unparalleled retail distribution of Apple are going to crush Motorola. All of the foot traffic that’s going to pass by the Apple Store this coming holiday season will see the company’s multitude of releases. The next generation iPad, next generation iPhone, and (if the rumor of Apple iPhone Lite is true) the iPhone Lite product line will pop up too. Apple is notorious for generating excitement for its products and services that Google/Motorola simply does not have.”

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    1. LOL! Watch and expect Moto run massive ads that this POS runs 24 hours, and compare iPhones runtime. I bet lots of gullible users will fall for this 24 hr BS.

  1. Google does have a lot of users for its products but rarely a lot of excitement. People use gmail and google drive and maps, and search, but can anyone tell me a time when google had a product that people lined up around the block for?

    1. I asked the same question myself. Google released so many stuffs but then what happened with Google’s glasses and such?. I would not wear Google’s glasses , or it just their tactic for Wall Street driving their stocks upwards?. (I would not wear Google’s glasses, it is so heavy on anyone faces.

  2. Yet another article that misses the point. The Moto X is first aimed at Galaxy S4 (the killing of which it will also fail at). As an American company I wish Motorola well. But, you can’t win that phone and price it that high.

    Add Apple to the equation and this phone might do as well as the Nokia Lumia 920.

  3. “All of the foot traffic that’s going to pass by the Apple Store this coming holiday season will see the company’s multitude of releases”

    Tim Cook will be called brilliant by everyone for disrupting all the wannabes’ ill intentions of stealing Apple’s IP and bringing copied products and features in the hopes of stealing sales in time for the holidays.

    By releasing all of it’s updated products so close to the holiday season, Apple preempts and pulls the rug from under these ‘competitors’ lazy parasitic asses and makes leaves them alone, exclusively, to once again own holiday.

  4. Apple has tightened it’s grip and is keeping mum on specifics for future products. Apple has altered it’s product release schedule due to the lighting speed @ which competitors copy thier products. I ponder Apple will be releasing products that will once again WOW! And this time be extremely difficult to mimic due to such tight integration with its up and coming software and services platform.

    1. The unofficial credo of the Apple engineer:

      “They copied all they could follow,
      But they couldn’t copy my mind.
      So I left ’em sweatin’ and schemin’,
      a year and a half behind.”
      — Rudyard Kipling

  5. You forgot the NEW Mac Pro. Anyone getting a new 4K HDTV will need this to stream the video to the new 4K HDTV sets. And Apple will have more of those 1 billion dollar server farms on line to feed those new Mac Pro home media hubs.

      1. Because the server farms are the key to Apple’s growth and dominance in years to come, yet the scribblers, the watchers, and the traders don’t seem to sense that at all…willful blindness, it is.

    1. The Mac Pro is a supercomputer. It makes sense to buy one if you want to create special effects or edit 4K video – it doesn’t make sense if all you are going to do is watch it.

      When people start buying 4K HDTV’s, they will are going to stream video to it using their cable box, bluray player, xbox, playstation, new Apple TV, new Roku, or (most likely) directly through the TV’s built in software. No one’s buying a $3000 machine just to watch Netflix.

    2. Only a small part of the server farms are going to be for video distribution. I don’t see 4K video being downloaded anytime soon — the ISPs just don’t like people downloading current HD movies (and have been proven to throttle you down if you do too much), let alone 4K movies.

      The server farms are much, much more about building out Apple’s ecosystem — iTunes, iWork in the cloud, sync services, etc. Apple’s going to build out more services for the in the car systems, and likely has plans for even more online/syncing services. I see that as much more likely than simple movie streaming/downloading.

  6. Given the glowing reviews of the HTC One and its subsequent poor showing in terms of sales, I don’t know why this phone should fare any differently. What, people are going to buy it because it’s built by Google? Seems kind of far-fetched to me.

    1. Leave us hope, and it’s an easy hope, that Google rues the day it acquired Motorola Mobility and squandered the money as Motorola either down sizes tremendously or is closed down for good. Googles 15 minutes of smart phone fame are about to run out.

    1. Slim on, why are you on an Apple site then? If you love Motorola, go get one, but don’t come crying to us when your phone can’t upgrade to the latest and greatest (I can’t believe I used that word to describe Android) Android version. Fragmandroid. IOS does not have that problem, and I will be downloading iOS 7 to my 2012 iPhone 4, which you can’t do on a Android phone from the same year! A friend of mine actually has the first iPhone 4 from 2010, and it’s on the latest iOS! Fragmandroid.

    2. Slimeball, you are so bloody tedious. So what if it takes a few percent from market share; it’ll take virtually NOTHING from Apple’s market PROFIT. You do understand what the word PROFIT means, don’t you? You seem to have at least a moderate grasp of the English language, even if your understanding of the subtler aspects of it are decidedly suspect.
      The point is, a business could have 75% of the market share, but still only have 10% of the profit, a situation you seem to be perfectly happy with.
      Which shows you to be a poorly-educated idiot.

    3. Thanks SO much for your insightful contribution, slimon.

      Your thinking is like a laser, cutting to the heart of the matter, illuminating the issues like a veritable ray of wisdom — showing us all the Light and the True Way.

      I’m sure everyone has been persuaded by your persuasive prose and devastating logic.

    4. Slimon, you’re delusional if you think the Moto X is going to impact iPhone sales one bit.

      I hope Moto X takes sales away from Samsung and HTC, and that’s only because Motorola employs a lot of Americans. I can’t stand that it’s owned by Google, which has shown very little respect for anyone else’s IP (however, Google is much better than Samsung, but that’s not saying much). But it’s nowhere near good enough to affect iPhone sales.

  7. The moto x is not made by Google, it’s made by Motorola, Google has very little input in the product. I think what the moto x is aiming at is an optimized Android experience. The motomaker might not be revolutionary but it’s a great idea.

    1. Yes it was. It was called the xphone in development then given to Motorola. Google had a massive amount of input on it. It wasn’t a secret, there was plenty of publicity on it. On top that, googarola continually saying they operate separately isn’t fooling anyone except people who choose to believe it’s true

    2. @Green: you must come back from outer-space. Google bought Motorola for 12.50 billion dollars in 2011, therefore Moto X was developed by Google. Eric Schmitt was promoting Moto X himself.

    3. Malarkey. Google bought Motorola not just for its IP, but also so it can have a hardware manufacturer that provides a more “pure” Android experience without all the other garbage other handset makers put into the OS. Google engineers may not have input into Motorola’s designs, but you better believe Google is dictating direction and overall specs to Motorola.

  8. I may not be convinced about much of the graphical overhaul of iOS7 but you have got to laugh when you have trolls on here talking about Apple just copying Android et al. Laughable when you look at the screen of this thing. Ultra bold combined with ultra fine text. Icons that have virtually no design input whatsoever and elements that actually disappear into the background. There seems to be no design concept whatsoever, so this is the standardised face of the latest Android then. Yep really don’t know how the trolls can keep a straight face when they criticise Apple’s OS. I know I can’t, just laughable.

    1. But we will see an Apple flop again, so why get hysterical over the prospect? Apple works hard at creating the best products on the market, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t misses. Sometimes a great idea goes bad due to technology failures, i.e. the MacBook GPU debacle, Time Capsules that died after 18 months, iMacs with leaky capacitors… If you have to lose it every time an apple product fails then you don’t understand the principal of entropy and nothing will ever be perfect enough for you.

  9. Google has come out with Android 4.3, but no one told Motorola who is using Android 4.2.2 on the MotoX.

    Why would they ship a phone with an outdated OS?

    I think we are going to see 55/45 iOS/android in the US increasing to 60/40 and 70/30 as the smartphone market matures to resemble the mp3 player market with Apple at 70% US smartphone marketshare by the end of 2015.

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