Can Apple survive 2013? You know because, well… Android?

“Given the recent implosions of BlackBerry, Palm, Nokia, Microsoft, can we safely assume that Apple is next and will likely fail before the year is out, simply because, well… Android?” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“Of course, you might be thinking, ‘but Apple earns three quarters of the mobile industry’s profits and an even greater majority of the world’s mobile app revenues. It has a successful desktop platform, millions of loyal customers who rank it far higher in satisfaction than Android, and it has a coherent strategy,'” Dilger writes. “Well let me stop you right there: this is the Internet! We don’t need facts or logic. The whole point of an open platform like the web is that you can celebrate the sheer volume of mouths in motion rather than focusing on the actual performance or reputation of any particular one of them.”

Dilger writes, “And just like the web, Android doesn’t have to profit to be wildly successful. As a loose ideology, it can be both the state of the art in mobile technology (Android 4.3 with NFC!) and, at the same time, the outdated and buggy version the majority is actually stuck with. ”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Before anyone flies off the handle due to the title, the editorial is all about how Apple will be fine because Android is inherently flawed and Google is making nothing off of it. Basically: Apple is fine because it knows how to keep bringing in the profits and producing great hardware and software, whereas Google is the one in trouble long-term in the mobile space.

      1. It’s from Apple Insider (and since when does AI post anti-Apple stories), and an attempt to counteract the ridiculous fiction the various FUD-generators out there are spewing. May as well have a catchy click-bait title …

        1. I like Apple Insider a lot. They give you the good the bad and the ugly. They don’t sort through stories just to find the good stuff. It’s a way to keep up with what’s really going on with Apple.

      2. You are kidding, right? That’s the point, dimmy. Most people DON’T know anything about the state of Apple one way or another because the majority of the information being disseminated thru mainstream channels is chicken little bought-and-paid-for horseshit to move the stock.

  2. Yeah, it’s a cockroach of many breads, some dumber than others. With the recent “others are outperforming Samsung” article, heres the reality. Android is fragmenting into sand. Although there’s lots of sand in the world, only small children put it in their pocket. When you get old enough you begin to realize, that it’s just sand, good for pounding, but not for anything else.

    The interesting thing is Linux has been out there for a very long time. It has yet to take over the world on the desktop.There will always be room for the likes of Apple, simply because they are on the crest of the wave, which they defined.

  3. The headline was meant to be a touch sarcastic: Blackberry is not imploding, unless you base their performance strictly on share price; and Microsoft is on a slow, steady, downward slide, but it is still very much around but not yet imploding. Not Yet. Nokia is definitely a basket case, thanks to its former Microsoft CEO. Only Palm qualifies for the imploding label. The main story is more interesting, as it definitely shows that while Android *appears* to be competing with Apple, it really isn’t. It is competing with an Apple model back in the 90s. Meanwhile, Apple is eating Android’s lunch, but the Press hasn’t figured it out yet. Meanwhile Apple continues to receive criticism for things it is doing well. What odd times we live in.

      1. But that still doesn’t explain Apple’s collapsed share price or the fact that Apple has a constantly compressed P/E of about 9.5. Bad press shouldn’t warrant that much. If Apple were truly a dominant force in the mobile industry it wouldn’t become a company with diminishing shareholder value. There shouldn’t be any logical reason for that. It’s just that I find it somewhat difficult to believe that all the hedge funds are actively conspiring against Apple, although not impossible. It just seems like such a far-out conspiracy theory.

        I almost have to think Apple is doing something wrong to have caused this extreme loss of shareholder value. It’s scary to think that so few people have such power to manipulate the stock market in such a manner. I’m still betting on Apple long-term because a year’s glitch in value really isn’t terrible since I got in as low as I did. Because I’m holding a fair number of shares, the dividends have soothed me somewhat to tolerate the unfairness of an illogical or possibly manipulated market.

        1. Laughing_boy48: You’re living in the current era of politics and propaganda and your expecting LOGIC? I call this The Age of Marketing: Expect NOTHING to be what it claims to be.

          Apple: Thriving.

          Apple Bear Bullshit: Propaganda in the face of Apple thriving.

          You figure out why. I’ve stated my POV enough times to bore even me. zzzzz

  4. I never knew that Google Earth/Maps portrayed Hoover Dam the same way Apple Maps did when it first came out. Apple has since fixed theirs, and Google’s is still showing the bridge laid out across the water.

    Where’s the outrage for Google???

  5. Android is more technologically advanced than Ios. True, Android is fragmented but that is one the consequence of being an open o.s. and the advantages far out-weigh these consequences. Android has grown because innovation comes from both Google and the Android community. I surely hope that Apple remains safe as they will provide the best competition

    1. That’s baloney. For example, iOS provides far superior battery life than Android, and that’s due to Apple’s advanced battery management software.

      The Android community can stop pointing to things like NFC as being “technologically advanced.” NFC is an old tech, has never caught on outside of Japan and a couple of Asian countries and never will. We have been able to get special NFC debit/credit cards from MasterCard/VISA for years now to use at gas station pumps. The problem is no one wants to carry around another card.

      NFC is not going to be implemented into iOS either, because Apple is going to bypass NFC. Retailers don’t want to buy new equipment just to add NFC, particularly small businesses. But they all have bar code scanners, so all that is needed is an app (like Passport) which links to your credit/debit card and scans. Add fingerprint scanning or other password protections and Apple has NFC beat without adding hardware to the iPhone.

    2. Heh? How is android anything advanced compared to iOS? Android is buggy, fragmented, virus prone.

      All android/google/samsung have done over the years is:

      Paid for false advertisers
      Lobbied to bend the laws
      Abused FRAND
      Lost major court battles

      Glad Apple chose the next iOS7 to be more distinctive, technologically ahead, more refined, and still Apple. How will the hemorrhoid crowd copy it now?

    3. I remember the apple haters saying Zune was more advanced because it ‘squirts’.


      ideas implemented badly isn’t ‘advanced’ at all, they are just there l(ike the S4 motion detector where one reviewer said “you have to LOCK your head into position to watch a movie’ ) selling points for the retailers to mislead the gullible and in actual fact near useless.

      Apple takes it time to perfect stuff most of the time and that’s why the iPhone has won the JD Powers Customer Satisfaction Poll (of actual users) 9 times in a row beating all the androids over and over again.

    4. Android is more advanced than iOS in some ways. For instance, Android hosts over 97% of the mobile device malware in existence. This is a distinct advantage for Android users because it enables them to easily share their personal information with everyone else without any effort at all. It is the ultimate in ‘social’ software engineering and on a par with the best efforts of Microsoft. The next step for Google is to hire Ballmer away from Microsoft. Ballmer is the CEO gift that keeps on giving.

    5. Android is the most powerful mobile os, what Ios can do Android is capable of. True multi-tasking, torrenting, customization e.t.c are the things that pulled me to Android. Android is pushing what is considered smartphone further. Ios is slugging behind holding on to a loyal customer-base that is slowly being chipped away. Get a nexus device and enjoy the Android experience the Google designed it.

  6. I love how people always bring up NFC as a plus for Android. It is only a plus if you like to have your information easily stolen by someone with $50 worth of parts from ebay in a bag as they walk by you. I think Apple could have easily put NFC in the iPhone 5 but didn’t because the tech is so insecure right now. Passbooks is almost as convenient and far more secure.

  7. Apple is scared shitless of Android which is why it has taken to copying the look and feel of Android. And just to cover their bases, they have even copied from WP8 and webOS.

    iOS 7 is the result of Apple running scared of the competition rather than innovating.

      1. “Yeah some people believe this.”

        yep… the clueless, morons, idiots and paid shills for google and samsung.

        (by the way Samsung was even charged in Asia for running fake tech sites to ‘review’ rival phones and products and was fined for it.

        “Fair-trade officials in Taiwan are looking into reports that Samsung paid people to criticise rival HTC online.

        International Business Times:
        “Responding to the malpractice accusation, Samsung admitted that the company had used dirty marketing tactics. Apologising for the untoward incident, the company said in a statement: “The recent incident was unfortunate, and occurred due to insufficient understanding of these fundamental principles. ” )

    1. I think at some point in time eventually all OSes will probably use some elements of others. I think there are only so many design ideas that will work well for users. What will be important is how those elements are combined into a whole. Take the best and leave the rest. It’s likely every past OS has some outstanding design elements that will be used in the future. Apple is no different from any other company. What matters is if Apple can combine those past design elements and produce an outstanding whole OS that consumers will find attractive and enjoy using.

      Palm OS, BlackBerry OS, WP8, Android OS all have at least some notable and attractive elements that should definitely be used by others. Should those good design elements be discarded just because they were used once before in another OS? I don’t think that would make any sense.

      1. This is the Samsung defender’s speech. “Oh, they all copy from each other. There’s only one way to do it right, so they all will have to do it.”

        All it does is show that the Samsung user transfers Samsung’s guilt to Apple, in order for them to feel better that they are using stolen ideas and technology.


  8. The truth about Apple and Android is that Apple USED (and manipulated) Android. Android did the “dirty work” for Apple during the first years of iPhone’s existence, when Apple was not yet a dominant force in mobile.

    Consider… In most markets, Apple used the one mobile carrier strategy during the early years. In the U.S., Apple dominated AT&T. This let Android run free on the other carriers without Apple’s opposition.

    Apple only had to dominate AT&T. The Android players (collectively) dominated elsewhere. Look back to 2007, when Apple released iPhone; Apple’s strongest competitors were the ones that controlled their hardware and software (like Apple). Where are they now? Palm is history. RIM is headed that way. Nokia is now dependent on Microsoft and Windows Phone. That is precisely the end result Apple wanted. And Android was as much responsible for this result as Apple.

    AFTER the Android platform helped destroy the REAL competition, Apple extended its market to Verizon and then others. Apple’s main competition now… A large number of smaller players and a few larger ones who are dependent on Google and Android. Android, a platform that is fragmented and plagued by malware. Apple (once RIM is “officially” gone), the ONLY significant remaining player who controls hardware and software for smartphones. Apple, making most of the available profit on the mobile phone industry.

    Sound familiar? The people who said (a few years ago) that iPhone is doomed because Mac versus Windows story would repeat were actually right. Except for the “doom” part, because there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with how Mac versus Windows story has turned out. Apple makes most of the profit in the PC industry while selling a fraction of total units. Apple’s Mac business grows every year, while the rest of the PC industry is stagnant or in decline,

    And Apple’s position with iPhone is FAR stronger in its market, compared to Mac in the PC market. Apple WANTS Android to be the only other viable mobile platform, because that’s a game Apple knows how to play and win.

    Want more proof…? Why has Apple only taken legal action against mobile phone makers who use Android, and not Google, the creator and maintainer of Android? Because Apple WANTS Android to survive as a platform. But Apple does not want any one player (such as Samsung) to become too dominant.

    In the Apple versus Android world, like in the Mac versus Windows world, Apple continues to make most of the available profit while everyone else plays the “market share” game.

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