Band releases original song using Apple iPhone’s ‘Marimba’ ringtone (with music video)

Mars Argo is an eponymously named alternative indie pop group based in Los Angeles featuring: Mars Argo, Titanic Sinclair, Nigel Silverthorn, Julian Mirijanian, and Jake DeSouza.

The band’s original song, “Don’t Call Me (Live at Bedrock Studios),” was recorded completely live in one unedited take.

The song features an familiar sample: Apple iPhone’s “Marimba” ringtone.

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

More from Mars Argo via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

MacDailyNews Take: Somebody answer the fscking phone!

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      1. Yes, but a bad producer is to blame. Would not be so bad if the rigntone came in only at the chorus point for emphasis and interest, and not droning on ENDLESSLY through the ENTIRE song where it becomes annoying instead of a clever, punchy, effect. Where’s Mutt Lang when you need him (probably on a beach enjoying his fortune because he had the talent not to create song disasters like this one).

      1. Hey, Cyndi Lauper can fart a tune better than that girl can sing. She sounds like Minnie Mouse having an orgasm! I jammed sharpened pencils into my eardrums to make it feel better. Yikes!

    1. Agreed, three rings at the start of the song, three at the end would help this song a lot. Hope they didn’t bother to send in the copyright forms. The $35 is probably more than they’ll make selling it on iTunes.

    1. Well, good; they intended “annoying.” I fervently hope they don’t decide to do a song titled “Don’t Eat the Bean Soup”. That too would be an annoying song and, in my opinion, would also fail to support calling this group “artists.”

  1. This song is dreadful, it shows absolutely no imagination or culture.

    If it drives us mad, just imagine the state of the band and mix engineer having to listen to the damn marimba riff OVER AND OVER AND OVER. They must all be certifiable by now.

    And there’s other problems: the vocals are out of tune, the guitar is abysmally played and the drums stink. Oh yes, and the mix itself is completely out at sea. There are ways of blending the marimba nightmare into the mix to give the song at least a little bit of interest and momentum. Instead it just sits there, too loud, driving us all crazy.

    Totally bonkers. Maybe their follow up single, should they dare to do one, might incorporate the iPhone Alarm Ringtone? That way we’ll duck for cover every time the song starts.

      1. Actually I think I do Dave- or at least my peers seem to think so. I have 1 Grammy and 2 Oscars to my name. And Tom Bamford is my ‘nom de plume’.

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