Apple iPhone helps save injured, hypothermic New Zealand man

“A Manawatu farm worker who spent the night trapped under his 4WD farm bike in frigid conditions has been flown to hospital with leg injury and hypothermia,” Jimmy Ellingham reports for Stuff.

“A 20-year-old worker was found trapped under his 4WD, which had rolled on him, Feilding police Sergeant David Burmeister said,” Ellingham reports. “‘He’d been out there all night stuck underneath it.'”

Ellingham reports, “Weather conditions last night were ‘terrible’ – wet and cold – with the temperature in single figures. The man was found down a gully and the police constable on the scene was able to use his new iPhone to give the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter the co-ordinates of where to land, Burmeister said.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. One of the reasons that it’s news may be that the New Zealand police have all recently been equipped with iPhones and Wi-Fi + Cellular iPads, and have faced the usual questions about cost. While other cell phones could have provided the co-ordinates, this article shows a particular incident where the new technology was useful.

  1. It currently is a first for NZ Police to have been issued iPhones and iPads to help with police work. The were trialled extensively before being chosen. The new recruits also get them when the enter police training college.

    1. As per korgri’s example. Also known as 4WD quad bikes, although they’re not strictly a “bike”.

      They’re a standard item on NZ farms, particularly in steep hill country. Quite a few farmers are killed and injured on them every year, and there’s lots of debate about whether they should be fitted with mandatory roll frames.

  2. Very good.
    iPhone’s also have saved people from Taliban bullets, black bears on running time, getting in the crosshairs of drug gangs and more. A true hero.

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