Apple plays up its cool, ability to innovate

“Apple Inc. sought to recapture its authority as a tastemaker, unveiling the biggest redesign in iPhone software since the smartphone was introduced in 2007 and stressing that the company hasn’t lost its cool,” Jessica E. Lessin and Greg Bensinger report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The more minimalist mobile software, along with new Mac hardware and a streaming radio service, energized the thousands of developer attendees who attended the kickoff keynote address for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.,” Lessin and Bensinger report. “But the updates left some consumers and developers wanting more dramatic changes, such as payment capabilities or bigger improvements to Apple’s online services.”

Lessin and Bensinger report, “Monday’s event was a potpourri of announcements across Apple’s product lines. They included new laptops, a version of iOS to run in cars, a new Mac operating system and a music service known as iTunes Radio… The real referendum on the announcements will come this fall, when the software will be released to consumers. Apple is also expected to release its latest iPhone in the fall, which is expected have similar hardware to the iPhone 5, people familiar with the matter say… In the fall, Apple will also release a new Mac operating system [OS X 10.9 Mavericks], as its mobile and desktop operating systems continue to converge.”

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  1. Everyone wants more all the time. Maybe there is more but Apple isn’t ready to play those cards yet. That’s already a lot on there plate to bring out in the fall. Mac Pro, OSX Mavericks, IOS7, iTunes Radio, iCloud iWorks. I remember articles saying Apple didn’t have the next generation OSX and it would be severely delayed because everyone thought that IOS7 was also in trouble. As you can see, that was all WRONG as usual. Fake FUD about nothing to try and bring Apple down. All that bullshit about not being innovative just got tossed out the window yesterday. I have a feeling there’s a lot more coming but Apple does it releases when it knows it is ready, not before.

  2. Cramer is a knowledgeable trader. He is also a showman. Of the two faces of Cramer he makes more being a showman, than he does as a trader. So you have to take what Cramer says as a trader and balance it with Cramer the showman. Often times they are mutually exclusive, but not always.

  3. iWorks in the browser could be a Trajan horse to capture Office 360 users, if priced right. I hate the versions of MS office subsequent to 2003. To many menus and tabs. totally confusing. I just want to write memos and print and do simple spread sheets. Once users has iWorks cloud, he will see that iPad is as or more useful than a MSFT tablet.

    1. Agreed. This is not getting much attention, but I think it is an important step. In particular, once people use Keynote, they will not want to go back. Numbers is the only one of the group that is not yet competitive with it’s Office counterpart.

  4. The other thing I haven’t seen mentioned is the sheer level of craft, professionalism, and plain old success of the whole proceeding. This was not just one, but a slew of new product announcements, corporate mythos, and a technological magic show. Have we ever seen another company do so fantastic a job at something like this? Remember that insanely incompetent Microsoft Surface show? Apple has always been full-on Broadway while the others are hopeless middle-school drama club.

  5. “Apple is also expected to release its latest iPhone in the fall, which is expected have similar hardware to the iPhone 5”

    … No?
    Same form factor, not the same hardware. Where do all these know it all knows nothing come from?

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