“It took only a few minutes of seeing the iOS 7 preview for me to sarcastically say to myself ‘yep, Apple’s done innovating,'” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “Something of course I would never be foolish enough to believe, yet so many people seem to. I did make a key observation, however. As I watched the video and the demo of iOS 7, I became convinced that iOS 7 marks new beginning for iOS.”

“When Apple first launched iOS on the very first iPhone, it took the world by storm. Apple, for arguably many years, had what nearly everyone would consider the most powerful mobile OS,” Bajarin writes. “Android has taken great strides to compete for the title, but I think with iOS 7 an incredibly strong argument can be made that iOS 7 is without a doubt the worlds most powerful mobile OS. And as I fond of saying, it accomplishes this with unparalleled levels of sophisticated simplicity.”

Bajarin writes, “This transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7, is as big for the iPhone and for Apple as the transition was from OS 9 to OS X.”

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