iOS 7 is a new beginning for Apple’s iOS

“It took only a few minutes of seeing the iOS 7 preview for me to sarcastically say to myself ‘yep, Apple’s done innovating,'” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “Something of course I would never be foolish enough to believe, yet so many people seem to. I did make a key observation, however. As I watched the video and the demo of iOS 7, I became convinced that iOS 7 marks new beginning for iOS.”

“When Apple first launched iOS on the very first iPhone, it took the world by storm. Apple, for arguably many years, had what nearly everyone would consider the most powerful mobile OS,” Bajarin writes. “Android has taken great strides to compete for the title, but I think with iOS 7 an incredibly strong argument can be made that iOS 7 is without a doubt the worlds most powerful mobile OS. And as I fond of saying, it accomplishes this with unparalleled levels of sophisticated simplicity.”

Bajarin writes, “This transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7, is as big for the iPhone and for Apple as the transition was from OS 9 to OS X.”

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      1. While they dropped some effect, they are taking full advantage of CoreFX, finally! realtime blurs, photoshop-like composting modes (already some additive effects if you look closely). This version is really slick.

            1. I wish Jony would have removed the serifs, we wouldn’t have to read your negative comments anymore. Why don’t you just go and hang out with the Freepers and give the rest of us a break.

        1. Once again aloof and scolding comments you don’t agree with.

          Believe you need to take your own advice.

          I don’t know where you live, but certainly here in the U.S., we value FREE SPEECH.

          Certainly, you may not like it — too bad.

          1. @GoeB
            Try the rude insulting crap under the name of “free speech” to your employer, in court, in a biker bar — or to some free-speech loving rednecks, and I think you’ll find it’s not so free.

            “Free Speech” does NOT mean constantly behaving like a petulant, snippy, rude ass — simply because he’s protected by anonymity and distance.

            1. Agree with all your examples and would only add political correctness is the most offending danger to the First Amendment.

              For example: two innocent family endearing words ended Howard Cosell’s broadcasting career.

              That said, we’re talking FREE SPEECH here on MDN and nowhere else. If the editors of our posts allow mindless swearing and stupid words, then I’m fine with the house rules.

              If folks don’t like it, they can choose go somewhere else. Now, do I support or enjoy potty posts, certainly not.

              But I”m not the lifeguard at the MDN pool. Live and let live …

            1. @bottvijerk
              Thanks SO much for your multiple, thoughtful contributions. Your thinking is like a laser, cutting to the heart of the matter, with insight, wisdom and sheer class.

    1. I’ll start by saying I’ve had every iPhone since the original (where everyone I knew, was calling me mad for paying so much for a phone) and am a long term Apple user.

      With that in mind, I really like the look of iOS 7, but (puts on protective armour), it’s obviously been influenced by Ubuntu Mobile OS announced a few weeks ago.

  1. Well… was I right or what? The whole thing produced less than I imagined. While MDN and their followers are probably celebrating, investors aren’t impressed and consumers are wondering if there is any real reason to “upgrade” to anything new. This was Tim’s biggest day of the year and he totally failed to inspire anything. Until he’s gone, we’ll just keep getting more of this, the company will continued to be referenced in terms of what it once was, not what it has become, and AAPL will remain in collapse. We’ll see if the new Mac Pro is all it’s promised to be when ever it actually ships – to the smallest of Apple’s entire customer base.

    I’m sure all you guys around here aren’t yet ready to give up on the hapless Mr. Cook, but you are closer than ever.

    1. You haven’t lived through the dog days unless you survived the chaos of the Sculley, Spindler and Amelio years. Cook could never fall that far into the gutter. While today’s Apple is not perfect, you’re being quite the pessimist.

      P.S. Steve Jobs made quite a few mistakes after his return to Apple in 1997, so it wasn’t always a bed of roses, even with the great SJ.

        1. …That Steve Jobs made and insisted upon keeping through two generations of iMacs. His sainthood as part of the current anti-Apple FUD campaigns is ridiculous. He made mistakes, and had to learn from them, like any other mere human. Like Apple, he was never perfect, just better than the alternatives. Even that crap hockey puck mouse had far better ergonomics than the crap Microsoft mice of the time.

      1. We don’t know who ANY of the anonymous cowards around here really are. For all we know, every single one of the anonymous cowards are the same person, playing troll head games for his/her pathetic amusement. Anonymity is bogosity.

    2. I don’t whatever you imagined could hold a candle to what Apple does on any given day. My guess is you’re simply some fool who couldn’t do anyhting but complain.

    3. I’ll never understand those who say get rid of Cook… without backing that up by suggesting an alternative, either within Apple’s own ranks or (shudder!) from outside.

      And if you’ve mentioned one in the past, mention him/her again–every single time you call for ousting Cook, actually, since it’s that important an issue that you bring it up all the time.

      Put another way: put up or shut up.

    4. Steve Jobs is dead – get over it for gods sake.

      Apple is innovating without him. Steve wasn’t thevonlynperson at Apple, they employ 1000s of people.

      I was probably a lot more upset about hid death than most having spoken to him at the Regents Street store opening in London, but you have to move on.

      Steve lives on in the spirit of the Apple people and their dedication to creating the best products for their customers.

      What I saw today was Apple’s renaissance into a company with an amazing future without Steve Jobs.

      And I believe Steve would have been very happy indeed, that keynote was the best one I’ve sent since the launch of the original iPhone.

      Now honour Steve and the future of apple by using and enjoying their products, apple has an amazing future ahead and I’m very excited!

    5. Apparently you missed the part where the iOS 7 demo got a standing ovation.

      After I finished being blown away by the details of iOS7, OS X 10.9, and the new Mac Pro, I chuckled and said “Now let’s go to MDN and find out why all this is actually sh*t!” I wasn’t disappointed.

      I swear, there are people who actually, literally get off on being the first person to post a negative comment.


    6. Actually Jay you were proved completely wrong unsurprisingly though you can always tell us what imaginary promises he broke as you claimed would be proved, or better still tell us your own unique design perspective on what he should have presented instead that would have wow’d the stock. We all deserve a laugh after all to top off your inane rumblings.

    7. Riiighhht. Then that would explain the standing ovation.

      I know you’ve got a lot of self-esteem tied up in the ‘Apple is doomed without Jobs’ thing, but it’s a bit like predicting it’s going to snow in Egypt, waiting until the second ice age covers the whole planet in ice, then screaming, ‘See? I was right!’

      You’re not predicting that Apple is finished without Jobs; you’re waiting for the natural corporate life-cycle to catch up with Apple so you can claim you were right all along. That’s a little bit sad.

    1. I haven’t JB’ed in almost 2 years, but yeah, SBSettings was the one thing I missed. Now that Control Center is here even that won’t be an issue anymore.

  2. Only thing interesting today was Apple’s assault on the automobile. Everything else just recycling old stuff, fluff, generally bullshitting us. Mac Pro nice for the handful of folks who may buy it. Cook, you asswipe, quit warming over the same shit time after time. You are a fuckup.

    1. X… another lame little boy out there on the web trying very hard to find a life of some sorts – but (as we all know) just a turd under a rock… read a book find some strength and rise above whatever your perspective is at the moment x boy.

    2. Thanks SO much for your insightful contribution. Your thinking is like a laser, cutting to the heart of the matter, illuminating the issues like a veritable ray of wisdom. I’m sure everyone has been persuaded by the devastating logic.

  3. The question is how long will it take the photo copiers to churn out a half assed copy and for all those android lovers to declare their company is innovating???? Pathetic.

    1. What I found funny was integration with bing, that was cool too.

      Maps is now part of OSX in maverick, totally integrated too which means google has lost the Desktop to Apple. The way they’ve integrated it is amazing and bloody useful!

  4. To all those who would “poo-poo” todays announcements, you do realize this was a “Preview”!? Right?! I can realistically surmise that the consumer release of iOS 7 will exceed the expectations of anyone. And can practically guarantee that it will be the fastest and most widely downloaded OS upgrade in the history of mobile OS’s. Those who eschew today’s announcements without anything more than a preview, are most probably Win/Droid users who jump at any chance to bash Apple.

    1. Spot on. Windroid always claim we are superior minded when their performance on here alone is enough to show what an inferiority complex they truly have nor do they even have the guts to reveal their true colours.

  5. Once again, Apple leaves all others in the dust, eyes unable to open and limbs useless. None of the copiers could ever come within a parsec of thinking like this, and none of them will be able to play their prancing game of catch-up well enough to keep the horizon in view.

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