Cramer: ‘Apple just didn’t provide the OMG factor; until they do I think AAPL is dead money’

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” progeam “felt that innovations revealed during Apple’s Developer’s Conference left the Street underwhelmed,” Lee Brodie reports for CNBC. “‘They talked about incremental positives and changes in the ecosystem,’ he said.”

“That not to say the developments aren’t important – they are; but they’re not likely to drive significant buying. ‘I don’t think they will create a mad dash to the Apple store,’ Cramer said,” Brodie reports. “And if tech faithful aren’t blogging about these developments and counting the days until the innovations hit shelves, Cramer doesn’t believe shares will rally in any significant way.”

Brodie reports, “‘Apple just didn’t provide the OMG factor that’s needed to propel estimates and therefore the stock, higher,’ he said. ‘And until they do I think Apple is dead money.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The facts do not bear out Jim Cramer’s assessment. Big surprise.

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#1. iOS 7
#4. Mac Pro

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  1. I agree with Jim Cramer on one thing: they won’t create a mad dash to the Apple Retail Stores.

    On the other hand, we now know what those server farms are for.

    1. Did you notice that know one asked anyone about what Apple was streaming the WWDC video from or how many people (streams) were watching it live yesterday? Apple disclosed only the first 5 server farms and know one is even looking are thinking about the others. This is much bigger than anyone is thinking about. Much bigger!

      1. I couldn’t stream the Keynote live to my Mac Pro at all. Fortunately I had a new Apple TV in a box that I hooked up just before the presentation that worked splendidly. Wha’ happened to the browser streaming version?

    2. Ios7 is impressive. In the smartphone arena it will most certainly make the next iPhone sell the socks off any phone out there. And will be upgraded faster than any operating system out there. These analysts sound like my ex wife. They complain and whine about things for attention.

      1. @ the other Mike:

        I don’t think the stylistic changes to iOS are going to immediately draw sales from the competition. Existing users will likely make the jump, and certainly there will be some to make the switch to iOS when their mobile contracts are up for renewal. However, a large majority of mobile customers simply can’t justify the price of an iPhone, are forced by their employer to use a different handset, or simply don’t like the ergonomics/specs that the iPhone offers. That is why many of us have been urging Apple to release a family of iPhones.

        The more i look at iOS7, the more I hate the pastel colors and the wimpy fonts. Feature improvements are good, however.

    3. I would bet Cramer that he’s wrong.

      Since he’s got the inside advantage and is in the ‘know’, he should give me a 20:1 handicap and put his money where his mouth is, iow, if he loses, he loses 20 times more than I pay if I’m wrong.

      Common, Cramer take the personal bet, I dare you to.

    4. Disagree with Cramer and the Wall Street mentality. Wall Street is interested in making money. Apple is interested in making great products and at the WWDC, they proved they are continuing full steam. Wall Street proves it is still blind and selfish like a greedy mole that doesn’t know where to go and is just sniffing around for money.

    1. As a programmer who has followed WWDC events since the 90s, I was shocked yesterday at how even that event was drawing interest from consumers. A *soccer player* I follow on twitter tweeted about iOS 7 for Pete’s sake! If that’s not mainstream interest, I don’t know what is. And we ave senator McCain tweeting with hashtag WWDC. Amazing.

      1. Swooning at the Mac Pro. And…

        It was at the WWDC 98 keynote, I believe, that Steve Jobs, recently repatriated, said that he “found the best industrial design group in the world at Apple.” Seems they stuck around, and now that Jonny Ive is unleashed, iOS gets the treatment too.

      1. Not to single out Cramer, but I keep reminding myself that these “Wall Street Analysts” managed to stay out of jail during the sub-prime mess and other raids on the public treasury, so to me the credibility of The Street “experts” on anything is lacking to put it mildly. Analysts predict miracle, reality fails to deliver, reality is blamed.

  2. Yeah, right. And there IS some other tech company providing the “OMG” factor, isn’t there? (Rolls eyes…)

    Somehow, I think we’re going to get a whole lot of this sort of sh*t for the next little while, at least till people start to realize how great the announcements were.

    Just like it’s been every year. Repeat next year, and the year after that, and so on.

  3. It is a shame that Jim Cramer does not have anyone on his team to explain what Apple really did yesterday. Yes Jim, it isn’t a “Fashion Statement”. It is much much more.

  4. Here is what people say around the tech sites:

    Steve Jobs is dead, and it is finally evident that the most charismatic consumer electronics company is dead with him. As a dedicated Mac user since 1984, I have to say I am underwhelmed with the latest news about ios7 and Mac OSX. I see Apple has created many proprietary feature innovations to compete with the likes of Pandora, Google, Microsoft, and others. That’s good for Apple, I suppose, in trying to get a bigger piece of the pie, but what have they done for me the user? Have they “wowed” me with something truly unique and exciting like Jobs managed to do each year, or are they simply reinventing the wheel like our friends in Redmond? It’s very sad.

    The color scheme looks like the gave a bunch of neon highlighters to a baby to eat and then had it take a deuce…can’t get over how horrible that color scheme is.

    Holy hell, what is the deal with the neon colors? Did Apple let a bunch of 13yr old girls pick out the color scheme? So unbelievably disappointed in iOS 7 at this point, unless there is some sort of way to change the colors before it make me puke. Way to f-up a good thing Apple.

    If I wanted ugly, I would have bought a Window’s phone. Apple seems to be going backwards.

    So the rumors pre-event were flat and black&white. Flat, yes. Black&white, certainly not. More like a bag of highlighters exploded across the screen. I’m not a fan based on the pictures I’ve seen. And control center looks way too busy.

    Hate to say it, but if I wasn’t so invested in apps and tied to the connectivity to all my devices, I’d go the way of Andy Ihnatko and jump ship to Android.

    The planes idea looks cool. The redesign does not. It’s horrible.
    Horrible indeed. Personality lost, baby thrown with the water…

    Looks like we’ve gone android

    iOS7 looks just like Android.
    (Thats a good thing)

    reminds me of MIUI android

    Is it just me or do some of these screens do look “inspired” from Ubuntu (Unity) interface?

    Ugly as fuc*^…it’s a darn RBG party out there man…

    Looks like Microsoft to me. How about just letting me customize my own UI ??

    So, Apple copied Touchwiz

    @Dante Orpilla @JasonTownesFrench I am an Apple fan and a designer and this interface is horrid. Jony needs to stick to hardware design only.

    Also an Apple fan here, and clearly Ives is outbid his league. The new design is ugly, weak and a pale imitator.

    Ios6 was distinct, beautiful and confident.

    The new UI is, while occasionally esthetically pleasing, just borrowing and imitating bits from everybody else.

    @MikeEnterprises – have any of you used Android? Unfortunately, I feel that there is a good amount of copy that Apple has started to do. The slide figure to flow through the screens, the drag launch from down is similar to that from top on android. Since, Apple has nothing much to innovate – its changing form factor and couple of other things and presenting..
    BTW.. I have 3 apple devices.. and I work as a mobility engineer so this is totally an unbiased opinion..

    the use of an ultra light weight font for evvvverything is a massive design mistake from a long-term usability standpoint; and everyone’s already pointed out that most of the other aesthetic decisions seem to be cribbed from Windows Vista.
    And really? Parallax home screen is the killer new feature everyone’s talking about? Fake 3D has been done already. By Android. Years ago. Nobody wanted it. They stopped.

    I’m not a tremendously ranty-ravy anti-Apple person and I usually keep my opinion on polarizing topics to myself, but this is just so bad it makes me angry.

    Now the Ive has gone on a great purge of buttons, drop shadows, and texture, you can’t say “click the back button” or “see how there’s two buttons at the bottom?”. Now its all just attempting to “touch text” floating in nothingness.

    Reminds me of icons from amateur terrible flash games. MY EYES!

    When I saw the safari icon I was angry. Same thing goes for the game center and photo icons…
    This is coming from a disappointed fanboy.

    It is a bad mash up of WP and Android. This version they seem to have thrown caution to the wind and just blatantly copied from both.

    I’m seeing touches of the much derided Vista Aero interface

    Preety much Aero glass meets crayola

    Seriously who at Apple approved this. Tim? Are those glasses working for you? The overall design is a joke. They fired someone at apple and apparently hired someone that doesn’t know how to do much with photoshop?

    The icons look amateurish (the circular elements are terribly oversized, and the lack of border and perceived depth doesn’t look “inviting” for touch), the frosted glass effect is kinda impressive (for 2006),

    What we gained / will gain in iOS7 in functionality (control center, more icons in folders, …), we lost / will lose in readability and recognizability.

    A retro / flat UI, translucency, extra thin and narrow fonts, limited color icons, grey text on white background? I’m not so sure it is “fresh”. It is “different” and an attempt at “minimalistic” but it is very poorly executed overall. It looks like something that would have been well placed a few decades ago. It looks like a group of young children were given a primer in using a design application, and created a set of icons that range from b/w, single color to 8 colors, using some easy to use geometric shapes.

    The new iOS looks like as if Microsoft got an overdose on a candy store. Is this a phone for kids or for the general public? I think it looks pathetic.

    What a completely horrible looking interface.

    I’ll say it. Those icons SUCK. They really, really do. They’re ugly as sin and that artist needs a swift kick to the nads for making them look like kiddie blocks (did they hire him from Samsung, perhaps?)

    Ok some screens don’t look bad but the home screen looks like iOS on LSD. I think I need to sell my remaining Apple shares. John Ive went insane.

    It looks OK, but it’s clear that Apple is now “following” instead of leading.

    It’s been clear in the past few releases of iOS and OS X that Apple’s vaunted UI design is going downhill fast.

    Why do we WANT an interface that looks like Android?

    No, I’m not joking. Check this side-by-side picture comparison.

    The opposite of “skeuomorphic” is not dysmorphic. That shapeless, boneless, dysmorphic thing is not user interface. Design it is, but certainly not user interface.
    Their biggest mistake was to think that a good designer ought to be a good user interface builder. If that epiphany was true then why Steve Jobs didn’t proceed to such an assignment since many years?

    Looks like the Samsung UI… Washed out, cheap and kinda flim-flammy…. How much did Apple pay those 8 Samsung UI guys to come over and re-do the interface? Stinks…

    I’ve never liked Apple and all, but their products have always been aesthetically pleasing. But man is this fugly.

    That second picture – the Home screen – looks like My Little Pony sneezed on the screen. I usually don’t care all that much about this stuff… but blech.

    I agree. It’s ugly AND derivative.

    If what we have in the current design of sculpted icons and glassy shading is part of the skeuomorphism that is getting poo-pooed by some, then that’s the part of skeuomorphism that Apple needs to keep.

    1. Phew! If I wanted to read that much I’d get “War and Peace”!

      And if I wanted to read that much crap I’d read some transcripts of pre-electon political speeches.

    2. Lol. Your a big apple fan yet you think apple is horrible. You don’t rant? Looks like android and that is good? Looks horrible? Can you fill your troll rant with any more contradictions. We are all so convinced by your contrived little essay. Enjoy your fragmented, plastic android.

      1. @ the other Mike: man, I hate it when people post immature person-attacking posts in my name. please grow up and provide something useful to the conversation or leave.

    3. Those aren’t “tech sites”. They are people making money for trawling for page views and link bait from people like you who don’t know any better. Meanwhile people who buy Apple products will love iOS 7 and Mavericks. MacBook Airs will continue to sell like crazy and the mac pro will probably sell better than any previous version. There simply is nothing comparable in the market for certain types of tasks.
      I’ve been reading stupid commentaries like this about Apples new products since the late 70’s The know nothing pundits are always wrong and they will be this time too. Not that they are interested in being right.
      I would not be surprised if Cramer, who is wrong way more often than he is right, is involved in some sort of scheme to pump and dump Apple stock.

    4. I just get the chills thinking about the stench-filled pits of darkness of the net you had to endure to accumulate this small collection of excrements… The only thing that this accomplishes is to confirm, once again, that most Android lovers, in addition to being cheap bastards of the first order, don’t have a single grain of taste in their entire being. Terribly, terribly sad…

  5. Why would they cause a mad dash to the Apple store when most of what they talked about won’t arrive until fall?

    Anyone that expected otherwise from a “Developers Conference” (which, by definition, is based around FUTURE products and software so that developers can prepare) is a moron.

  6. I have no doubt Jim is being influenced by Microsoft with his tech opinions. He has said on numerous occasions how great Windows 8 is without any facts or statistics and said negatives about Apple. Numbers just don’t backup his claims.

    Sounds like a typical politician to me!

  7. Hey Cramer, show me the Samsung OMG “WOW factor” enthusiasm with crowds going around the block for their crap? MS gets crowds as long as they have free concert tickets to hand out! Google store, Facebook phone, speakers on front of phone, yeah, now there’s your innovation! Jim you couldn’t sneeze your brains out and get that right!

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