Apple’s iOS 7 changes much more than skin-deep

“The most striking things about iOS 7 are the rather dramatic changes that Apple has made to the visual appearance of the software that powers the iPhone and iPad,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“But iOS 7 is a lot more than just a makeover,” Fried reports. “While Apple went into detail on roughly a dozen new features of iOS 7, there is a long list of changes big and small that will be part of the new phone operating system when it ships this fall.”

Fried reports, “The company often saves a thing or two to reveal closer to when customers can actually get their hands on the software. Often these involve partnerships with other companies or features tied to new hardware, such as whatever new iPhone Apple has up its sleeve.”

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  1. Go back and look at the presentation slides, why did most of iOS 7 get shown on a non-iPhone screen?

    No earpiece, no home button, yet three (volume up, volume down and vibrate?) on the side?

    What phone was that?

  2. I am happy for most of the changes. However I am not please with the aesthetic changes to folders. I like that they are now unlimited. But not that they are limited to 9 apps per page. I liked when they were 12 or 16 apps, and this should be the same per page. I also don’t like the folder icon view background, it should be dark and slightly more transparent.


    1. I have to agree with DD especially with text buttons in text heavy apps. It’s a mistake to basically eliminate borders with translucency and then replace symbols with text buttons in a narrow font on light background.

      I do LOVE the translucency though just not combined with all the rest.

  3. Poor copy job. Screen lock, notifications screen, multi task page all stolen from Android. Icons copied from MUI icons. I know this will upset the fanboys drunk on Apple Koolaid, but there isn’t anything innovative about what Apple put into IOS 7. All I see are more lawsuits as a result of the blatant copying.

    1. Baloney. Apple’s multitasking will blow Android out of the water, particularly when it comes to battery life.

      And it’s not like Android invented multitasking, etc. The technology world is just like the auto industry (and many, many other industries) — good ideas are copied/stolen and used to make products better. Cars applied anti-lock braking technology from airplanes. And today no one complains that GM ripped off Boeing’s design, do they?

      1. Multi-tasking is an inherent part of iOS Unix foundation. It has been been in shackles all these years for a reason. Adding it back into the iPhone’s mix is not copying Android.

        BEsides that, isn’t Android supposed “open”?

    2. I was waiting for a troll to say something like this. Funny how Google/Android stole from Apple’s iOS rather shamelessly and now a troll claims Apple somehow copied android. If you look at android, it looks dark or grey. Large grids or panels, a weak font. Pretty much weak attempts to mimic Apple’s iOS.

      iOS7 is clear, white, light, smooth and elegant. Every detail is refined.

      Sorry M42, you fail.

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