Apple reportedly testing 1.5-inch oled displays for smart watch

“Japanese blog Macotakara points to a pair of reports in today’s edition of Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times addressing rumors surrounding Apple’s smart watch effort. According to the first report, Apple has begun sampling 1.5-inch OLED displays from RITEK subsidiary RiTdisplay,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The second report offers an overview of the smart watch industry, with ‘market rumors’ indicating that Foxconn has already received orders for Apple’s smart watch,” Slivka reports. “But with order volumes said to be around 1,000 units, the production run would clearly be a small-scale trial. ”

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  1. *Sigh* Of course they’re testing. They must and should test every possible technology. Does that mean it becomes a product? What did Steve Jobs say? The trick is saying “no.”

  2. They would be smart to not market this as a replacement for the wristwatch, but as a wrist- or clothing-born smartphone adjunct. And maybe it needs to come in several forms (including a clip-on, like the shuffles, or maybe even a chain attachment like the old pocketwatches) so it can also be worn over or on your clothing. Many people won’t be too eager to give up on traditional watch and bracelet accessorizing. Lots of people like their watches, or have sentimental attachments to them. Granted, for some this won’t be a problem, and in time the idea of Dick Tracy accessories may become more acceptable. But in the meantime, don’t force people away from what they know and are used to. Instead, tempt them toward where you want them to be.

  3. If Apple really is serious on iWatch or wearable computing, you can bet they were testing and researching well before these rumours. Placing a small order sounds more likely for internal testing.

  4. For me a wearable watch is very important. Especially if it is a great design. I need it so that I no longer need to carry.
    1. All the cards in my wallet.
    2. House keys
    3. Car Keys
    4. Hotel entry cards
    5. My id
    6. Remember all my pin numbers

    and it makes it harder to lose the item since it is attached to the hand. I do expect it to cost a lot though. BUT it has to secure.

  5. Apple, get back to us when you have >200ppi, ~4k resolution [perhaps even 5120 x 2880 resolution] OLED 24″ diagonal or greater displays compatible with your Macs.

    I’ll even promise not to grumble too much about the overpriced adapter required to hook it up.

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