“Almost every major tech company is making a bet on smartwatches,” Megan Rose Dickey reports for Business Insider.

“We’ve heard rumors of an Apple iWatch for a while now. We have knowledge of Google working on a smartwatch,” Dickey reports “Executives at Microsoft’s suppliers in Asia told Bloomberg last month that the company asked them to ship displays for touch-enabled watch devices. LG is reportedly working on a smartwatch, and so is Samsung.”

Dickey reports, “But if any company is going to succeed in the market, it’s probably going to be Samsung or Apple, or maybe even both. ‘Samsung and Apple are traditional hardware companies and have spent nearly the last decade combining powerful technologies into the smartphone,’ Skooks Pong, VP of technology at Synapse, tells Business Insider. Synapse is the engineering firm behind the Nike FuelBand. About a decade ago, Pong worked on early prototypes of Microsoft’s SPOT smartwatches. ‘It’s about introducing a device that consumers never even knew they needed, like Apple did with the iPod,’ Pong says. ‘Because of the need to combine sophisticated technologies into a body-worn device, based on their track record Apple or a Samsung would be better poised to create a transformative device. But with Google, you can’t ever count them out.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Most, if not all, of these non-Apple “smartwatch projects” are purposely leaked by companies waiting to see what Apple does so they can attempt to follow as quickly as possible. They leak that they are “working on a smartwatch,” so that, after they see what Apple does, try to replicate it, and rush the knockoffs to market, they can claim to have been working on something similar for “quite some time now.” It’s exactly like the time Steve Ballmer trotted out a non-working “HP Slate” at CES 2010 just days ahead of Steve Jobs’ iPad unveiling (rumors were that Apple would call iPad “iSlate,” so that’s why Microsoft chose to call their attempted ruse a “slate.” After they saw the iPad, well, you can see how long it took Microsoft to produce actual product, the Surface tablet flops.

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