Why we sorely need Apple: Beauty and simplicity takes the pain and confusion out of computing

“We sorely need Apple,” Derek Rielly writes for The Age. “Because Apple brings beauty and simplicity. It takes the pain and the confusion out of computing.”

“Let me a paint a picture of a park-side setting in eastern Sydney. We see three boys, all eight years old. After hours of skateboards and pushbikes and swings, they demand a moment of repose in front of a computer screen, in this case their parents’ telephones,” Rielly writes. “Two children receive iPhones. Immediately they tap, swipe, punch and dive into the warm waters of their favourite games. A third child, we see, becomes increasingly agitated, his taps and swipes faster and more desperate. ‘Dad! Dad! It doesn’t work,’ he pleads.”

“The dad is an executive with the company, as it happens, and it takes him five minutes to assemble some kind of order into his Android device,” Rielly writes. “At the time, I found this real-life comedy the perfect representation of the Apple computing company and the importance it serves in our lives. It could’ve been an advertisement, if it wasn’t so cheesy.”

Rielly writes, “Two smiling kids, with Apples, and the other little brown-haired boy, face wet with tears, clutching his useless plastic and glass case. The easy-to-use, friendly interface and ergonomics in another category to the bulky, clunky, junky and anything but funky PC device.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t know who is buying these android devices. I travel through many cities; I see but a few android devices in actual use. I see very very young children happily playing with iPads and iPhones as well.

  2. iPhone is beautiful, simple but expensive two years contract, consumers tend to go for inexpensive devices. However, Apple really recognized that trend , the low-end iPhone would be in the market this Fall. Apple satisfies all the different classes of all consumers.

    1. Apple has been offering previous generation iPhones at fairly low prices already. They key will be having a phone cheap enough to decrease the subsidy carriers pay, which is usually their justification for 2 yr contracts. But is it common for cheaper phones to have shorter contracts? Do
      the cheap Android phones have shorter contracts?

  3. Even if your a super cheapskate bottom barrel shopper and you can’t afford an Apple product now, there is a thing called saving your pennies. Put them in a dang Jar and just wait till you have enough to buy one. It’s worth getting the best rather than buying a cheap POS because its barely good enough to be an Apple product.

  4. For all those I have seen, both young and old using iOS,
    its the simplest, most non-intimidating, easy to use operating system ever — if Apple can manage to take it further still, with retaining iOS as logical and intuitive – let them.

    If OSX can achieve the same direction iOS has taken consumers but remain and maintain the power to for user and ease of work flow and remain logical and simple – then why not. Microsoft 8 was a similar attempt to have one unifying OS and Apple values a good idea yet takes a horrible implementation as a challenge.

  5. I came up thru the ranks writing trap diagnostic code on the front panel of an IBM 360/40 in HEX, in the middle of the night because someone had justed trashed our VTOC hidden data TABLES on our hard drives. IF THE BRAINES THAT APPLE HAVE TODAY HAD BEEN AROUND, MAYBE THE CODE WRITING WOULD HAVE BEEN FASTER !! But, the music would have been better… All pursuits shape themselves for their own visions of humanities future. We get to participate in all that because we’re here !!

  6. Apple just does it better. They have never made a junk product. I think that is why it is so expensive. Apple is kind of like a Rolex of computers and phones.

    1. Sorry, apple has made plenty of crap products over the years. Apple III, pretty well anything between 1986 till Job’s return (Mac IISi anyone ?).
      There are more but the successes greatly outnumber the duds

  7. If only that same simplicity could be featured in things like saving and emailing documents and not just opening games then apple will have all the bases covered. As it stands that among a few things definitely need retooling in order for apple to continue lauding simplicity

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