iOS and OS X: Apple running out of ideas?

“Now the early chatter on the next version of OS X, presumably 10.9, speaks of support for Siri and Maps, with the assumption that Apple has probably addressed the worst problems with the latter,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “There’s also talk of a tabbed Finder, but that strikes me as low-hanging fruit. Minimizing skeuomorphic interface elements is mostly a cosmetic issue. It’s still more about the core functionality.”

“While you can probably expect more iOS/OS X integration of one sort or another, Apple clearly understands that they cannot make the same mistakes Microsoft did with Windows 8,” Steinberg writes. “There aren’t going to be Macs with touchscreens, because that design scheme is just plain awkward, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from a design and ergonomic point of view.”

Steinberg asks, “So what’s left?”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Ideas and changes just for the sake of change and the appearance of progress don’t always work either. I still love Snow Leopard on my 2007 Mac Pro (which can only go one more upgrade to Lion). For my day to day work I don’t need anymore iOSisfication of OS X. Just as Steve Jobs pointed out the “truck” difference between mobile and desktop let’s not merge those things together too much. Two different purposes should mean two different approaches with some similarities.

    1. Yeah. This kind of article can be interesting if the writer is not simply regurgitating the narrative of tech punditry, but they often go askew and start projecting themselves onto Apple. The writer cannot think of a good solution, new features, then project themselves onto Apple.

      The article should be titled “I’m out of Ideas and I think I am at least as smart as Apple’s entire team, so they must be, as well.”

        1. Read the article, not just the description:

          “The larger question, though is when (or if) Apple needs to totally redesign iOS and OS X. Maybe the latter would benefit most at this point, if it can be done without making it more difficult for customers to use and discover the new or changed features. This is the area where Microsoft failed big time with Windows 8. Although there will be an update, Windows 8.1, which may fix some of the worst ills, Microsoft has taken the position that the new OS will do fine once customers take the time to learn how things work. You see, to them it’s the customer’s fault, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to stem falling PC sales.

          So as iOS and OS X are refreshed, Apple will confront the inevitable dilemma of having to come up with 100 to 200 new features to tout, while at the same time not confusing existing customers with far too many changes. But don’t forget that iPhone and iPad users managed to get accustomed to a totally new OS without a long learning curve. It can be done, as Apple has demonstrated over and over again.”

  2. I believe the 1st EXTREMELY EASY THING TO DO is open the AppleTV to the developers to make apps for it. A “hobby” is a hobby until you do something with it or let others do it. The iPhone crushed the feature phone market because of apps made by people that did not work for Apple!

    Tim Cook, do this at the WWDC and the stock will jump!

      1. Agreed! It seems so obvious, and downright bizarre that Apple haven’t completely integrated the Apple TV into the iOS family of devices. How hard could it be to allow apps on the ATV, using your iPhone, iPad or iPod as a smart remote???
        I really don’t understand why they are hanging back.

    1. Hehe, I suspect one of the reasons apple is scared to open it up is because as soon as they do 80% if ATV owners will boot up XBMC and never use iTunes.

      I know I would.

  3. i think the growth progress of OSX advancements from 10.0 to 10.8.3 has been fun and exciting, both in power and in features.

    To think Apple has run out of ideas is rather pre-mature.
    Can we re-visit this topic after WWDC?

  4. Anti Apple FUD like this needs to stop. I bet these lies are being spread by CopyBot and Windooz phone users. Iam sick an tired of his. Apple is doing fine weher you guys like it or not!

    1. If you like Windbloze so much,why are you here then? Go back to your Micro$loth Windo$€ O$. If you love it so much. Or are you secretly Zombie Ballmer?

      1. please help, I don’t understand what you are saying…
        sorry, I don’t get what you mean.

        “100 million licenses sold, (of what OS? Windows 8 – mostly pre-installed right) — OUT SELLS — licenses sold for iOS, (which is free with all Apple devices).

        help me Dr. Pill, help me lets see WWDC soon omg

    2. I dont even understand the point about success or bloggers – don’t you mean “Froggers”, the 1981 arcade game by Konami?

      Like dude, com’on Froggers was extremely successful – yup

    3. Windows 8 is a success story

      A comment that Microsoft itself refuses to make. We’ll see how Windows 8.1 (aka ‘Blue’) does. It actually ALLOWS users access to the ‘Start’ interface, a shocking innovation. 😛 Idiocy deluxe.

      …bloggers are out of touch

      Obviously, that is typically the case. But I DARE you to say that about my blogs. Click my avatar and LEARN.

    4. Dude, they sold the licenses to manufacturers on the condition that those manufacturers would sell PCs.

      Manufacturers cannot sell PCs with Windows 8 on board.

      Microsoft advertised 100 million sold before they had to give refunds to manufacturers.

      The revision of Windows 8 that works just like Windows 7 did may save Microsoft’s Ass but I doubt it. Expect Microsoft to buy back about 80% of those licenses.

  5. I vote for this feature-
    Replace Dashbord on OS X with a Dashboard that allows OS X to run iOS apps. That would allow a great deal of neat iOS stuff like Flipboard to work on OS X without mucking up the UI for those, like myself, who do not want OS X to become a desktop version of iOS.

          1. if a web app can run on the OSX desktop,
            why not have iOS app also run on the OSX desktop
            is it hard?

            after all you can test iOS apps on OSX before deploying

            1. I’m not sure I would call Fluid a web app. It’s an app that accesses WebKit, a resource available on OS X (and iOS) that any app can use. Essentially, it’s creating a front end to the core of what Safari uses as a new browser. Each instance of Fluid that you create is its own (limited) browser app.

              This is really much different from the iPhone Simulator which tries to mimic the resources available in iOS in an environment that restricts any other resources. It’s not really an emulator as it’s only mimicking the software, not hardware.

              So ya, as iPhone Simulator has proven, this wouldn’t be hard to do at all, just throw iPhone Simulator into the Mac App Store and allow consumers to install it and allow some sort of sync mechanism with iTunes for 3rd party apps. That last part would require some development work, but is certainly doable.

              What you’d end up with though is a pretty sucky experience. Try it for yourself. Try compiling any demo in Xcode and run it in the Simulator. It’s not a good experience.

              As I mentioned in another thread, the biggest problem with this is that people either have iOS devices or they don’t. If they don’t, then they don’t have iOS software, and probably aren’t interested in it, and even if they were, the thought of running it in a Simulator is pretty sucky…not just because of the Simulator UI, but the whole lack of optimization for the desktop.

              Of course if they do have an iOS device, why are they going to want to run the software optimized for it on their Mac as opposed to their device?

              It’s a bad door to open that creates a bad user experience and reduces incentive for developers to optimize for OS X.

    1. The problem with that is that as you point out, you don’t want OS X to become iOS. However, if the apps run in OS X, then you’re going to have in some cases, the only version of an app available for OS X be a version that is optimized for iOS.

      It’s better to force developers to develop specifically for OS X, and not think they can get away with just developing for iOS.

        1. Yes, but the ports aren’t just straight ports, they inherently have to accept and port with the desktop interface in mind.

          While many apps aren’t developed for the Mac, many *shouldn’t* be.

          When I think of running iOS apps on the Mac, with a few exceptions, I’m wondering why you’d want to do that if the iOS device is better suited to run it.

          It would be one thing if people had Macs but didn’t have iOS devices, but I think the number of people who don’t have Macs who also want to run iOS apps where those apps aren’t available on the Mac and yet would function well, is *extremely* small.

    1. And yes, I have more imagination than you Gene, so NahNah!

      3D OS X GUI. I’ve been blethering on about it for at least a decade. Obviously, why not the same on iOS? The possibilities are beyond ANYONE’s imagination. Every modern Mac has all the hardware and API support required. It’s well past time to do it for real.

      1. and whatever happened to the iOS Augment UI projecting apps virtually in the air above the iPads glass surface – it came and went like the ice cream truck

        1. I think wearing the 3D glasses kind of killed it. But I’m sure it will be a hit… at the local science museums.

          There have been at least theories of integrating flickering polarization grids into a touch screen. But I think we’re going to have to wait until the quality matches that of the Retina Display. Damn you Retina Display!!! 😆

  6. I used Terminal to shut down two big features in Mountain Lion, one being the side notification bar. What a distracting, ugly, useless piece of shit.

    First time I’ve really felt the need to wipe out a few major core, new features of an OS X release.

  7. New idea for Apple is iDream device that can read dreams.
    iWallet, iImortal, iForeverYoung, iIQ, iHappy, iLover, iHug, iiKiss, iBeauty…etc. 🙂

  8. The day Steve Jobs died, sequentially so did Apple 🙁
    Have to completely agree ( even after being a die hard Apple fan for the past 20 or so years)… they are completely out of ideas (Cook & Ive’s) & are still resting as well as surviving on the laurels & visions of the late great Steve Jobs!! Jobs & his persona was a marketing genius as well as an innovator! Am sure he’s rolling over in his grave! Apple is no longer an innovator , APL stocks are dropping tremendously!

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