Apple’s ‘iPhone 5S’ to get major internal overhaul

“Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S is widely expected to feature the same external design as its predecessor, just as previous ‘S’ upgrades have in the past,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“But looks can be deceiving,” Epstein reports. “While Apple’s flagship iPhone for 2013 may appear to be the same as the iPhone 5 on the outside, the phone will feature a significant internal redesign when it launches this fall… Earlier rumors have suggested that the iPhone 5S will include several internal changes such as a faster processor, a better camera and possibly even a fingerprint scanner that makes use of Apple’s AuthenTec acquisition.”

Epstein reports, “Nothing has been confirmed at this point, but leaked photos of redesigned internal components suggest that Apple is indeed planning an internal overhaul to improve various iPhone features and likely to make room for new components as well. BGR has obtained high-quality images of several internal iPhone 5S components from a source that asked not to be identified”

Read – and see – more in the full article here.


    1. Good to see subtle more elegant color options for the iPhone 5s instead of the more vibrant colors rumored for the mid-range model. Vibrant colors for the mid-range model is cool too because it is aimed at a younger crowd, but I think the flagship should always look professional.

  1. I guess we’d all better prepare ourselves for the chorus of yawns from the tech pundit world for what will no doubt become the best-selling smartphone ever.

    Apple working on NEW iPhone model to come out sometime in the future, most likely this fall, around the time specified by CEO Tim Cook. Sources who have been correct on such matters in the past say that the new iPhone model will be “different” from the previous release.

    More on this as nothing develops.

    1. Honestly, I could swear that iPhone 5S will be the same as iPhone 5.

      And now, with all those rocking revelations, what I am supposed to do?

      I am truly shaken.

  3. So the iPhone 5S will be better than the iPhone 5? Imagine that!
    I think this “writer” is stuck in Android phones where all they do is to wait for apple to came with some new innovation so they can start trying to copy those innovations into their crappy phones.

  4. Why is this considered a disappointment? I really don’t understand. Most tech devices are usually just updated refinements of a previous model. Why are analysts looking for some radical new iPhone? Are they looking for some carbon-fiber body or nuclear-powered smartphone from Apple. Would adding a larger display make a new iPhone so much more radical than the last model. I’m sure the next iPhone will be thin and rectangular with rounded edges. That’s fine. What does the industry think Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is going to look like? Something vastly different from the S4? Hardly.

    Smartphones have already gone through all sorts of shapes and sizes, so I’m sure 98% of everything has already been done to make a smartphone look unusual. Improved internals and multiple colors and the possibly rumored fingerprint reader will be fine additions to satisfy 99% of the consumers out there. If Apple made a see-through case so consumers could see the internal circuitry, would that get tech-heads all juiced up? Who gives a damn if the tech pundits yawn as long as consumers buy the next iPhone in droves.

    1. “Why are analysts looking for some radical new iPhone?”

      What Apple has done, since the original Jetsons iMav, through the lamp shade, then monitor/computer all in one flat panel, iBook, MacBook Pro/Air, to the many iterations of the iPod, iPad, Music store, app store, iCloud, etc, is spoil everyone into expecting blockbusters every 6 months.

      But memories are weak, and all those expecting more are just expressing their desire for the next big thing from [b]APPLE[/b]. They’ve forgotten that it took Apple 16 years to do all of the above.

    2. It matters cuz Apple got deez sheep on their Crack. It can’t just be MORE crack, it’s gotta be more powerfulerer-er and thinererererererer crack, man!!!

  5. Wow! iPhone 5S will have internal changes, but of course it will look just like iPhone 5 on the outside. This changes everything again, I can hardly wait to get this fantastic phone. Zzzz …

  6. Unbelievable! a faster processor _and_ an upgraded camera! How is that even possible !?!?!

    … and some people still wonder why Apple’s stock price isn’t continuing its strong upward climb. It isn’t that hard to figure out, folks.

    Seriously, it seems Apple is now just another predictable, slow, plodding corporation. Sure, Jobs rolled out some boring product updates too, but Jobs usually offered an entirely new product once in a while too. Where’s the product excitement that used to surround Apple? Cook’s pipeline is too slow and too underwhelming. if iOS7 isn’t a smash hit showing some tremendous new functionality and efficiency, then the calls for him to be axed will not be from the minority.

    1. Oh dear Mike. More trolling today I see.

      … and some people still wonder why Apple’s stock price isn’t continuing its strong upward climb. It isn’t that hard to figure out, folks.

      You write up a bogus rumor, any old thing will do, then give it a really SERIOUS title. Then you foist it over at some high brow technical rag and laugh your way to the bank. Then you sit back and watch all the SHEEPLE run hither and yon in response, as if any of your invention has a bit or byte of fact in it. It’s called The Dvorak Method.

      Then, if you’re really smart, you short on AAPL, publish up DIRE FUD, watch AAPL plummet, buy it back up again, publish some Happy Shiny Smiley bogosity about Apple, watch AAPL go flying again, the START THE WHOLE PROCESS OVER AGAIN. It’s called a CON JOB and we little peons are the SUCKERS. It’s called The Wall Street Parasite Method Enjoy! 😀

    2. A faster processor is expected with any new phone. A better camera will be nice but hardly exciting. If they can include the fingerprint verification that would be revolutionary. Then they would be able to monetize all their iTunes accounts as well as allowing users the ability to use their iPhones to profit Apple daily. Credit card companies would line up to include this function with Apple. It will be huge if and when they can do it. But I don’t think it’s coming on the 5S. I hope so but I don’t believe it will. And it doesn’t appear, at least from what we can guess at, that the 5S will have much to get excited about. Maybe we will be surprised? But right now it doesn’t look that good. And I won’t act like a fanboy and call you a troll. You and everyone else has the right to their opinion and the right to express it. Fanboys are weak individuals. They are followers. They are immature. They are not rational thinkers. They’re never objective. And they are certainly never honest. Nice comments Mike.

  7. Epstein reports, “Nothing has been confirmed at this point

    As per usual. So what’s the point of writing these rumor mongering nonsense articles? Is this REALLY how you make a living? By MAKING UP BOGUS RUMORS?!

    This isn’t, thankfully, an Apple bashing analcyst article. But who needs happy, shiny, smiley nonsense rumors either? It’s all just crap.

    I tell ye laddie!
    The whole world is full o’ crap! 😉

  8. I’m kinda excited over this fingerprint sensor if it is true. Only because of that I would name this the iPhone 6. I believe the next iPhone will be a real power house with fast CPU and incredible graphics horse power.

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