Mossberg: Apps raise Apple iPad’s aptitude for real work

“Not every productivity task is optimally done on tablet software, of course. Writing a plain text document like this one isn’t the same as creating a large, nuanced spreadsheet,” Walt Mossberg writes for AllThingsD. “For complex documents, I still recommend using a PC or Mac.”

“And then there’s the problem with typing on a tablet’s virtual keyboard. If you’re going to use your iPad for longer documents, I suggest using a Bluetooth keyboard,” Mossberg writes. “Despite these caveats, iPads and other tablets are being used every day for productivity tasks once reserved for laptops. Every time you reach for your iPad to read, or tap out, a work-related email, that’s productivity.”

Mossberg writes, “Here are my impressions of some [productivity] apps, including AstralPad, from a three-person startup that launched a few months ago. I tested these by doing two things with each. First, I created an identical word-processing document, with text in various styles and a photo, and then exported it to Microsoft Word on a PC and Mac. Then I imported a 23-page PowerPoint file to see if it looked as it did on a PC and Mac.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We already know that we don’t need no stinkin’ Office, but the rest of the world didn’t until they started buying millions of iPads and, not finding Microsoft’s Office, found they can live just fine without it. This is Microsoft’s “strategy.” The lack of Office on iPad is supposed to help drive people to Surface tablets. Didn’t work. Shhh, don’t tell ’em, but the longer Microsoft stays with this “strategy,” the quicker their cash cows die.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I want to take this chance to express my feeling on AAPL and GOOG price tonight !

    Is there justice in the world ! Google stock price is now 90x , people buying it like people in earthquake or end of the world buying foods in supermarket .
    AAPL at the same time being dumped like u shit .

    What kind of valuation is it ? With apple cash , I think google wont have the same amount within the next 20 years . Is that what the mothetfuckers like !? Huh !!

    I seriously warn u mothetfuckers , I am not an easy man , I will insult u till I die . Don’t push aapl down to $400 . Don’t test my limit of patience !

    1. You are not entitled to stock growth no matter what company you invest in. Stock are an inherently risky investment. You should have got a Certificate of Deposit or savings account you wanted guaranteed growth.

  2. I don’t know what Uncle Walt is going on about (he does get rather long winded at times) but if he’s talking about work related productivity apps, there’s none better than the iWork suite for iOS. I heartily recommend it along the iWork suite for the Mac. I use it all the time and am well satisfied with it. The caveat of course is that documents cannot be overly complex as iWork for iOS will lose formatting marks, but simple documents are fine.

    I still think that a limited file system showing folders to save specific documents or files would be welcome, rather than the present system where data is associated exclusively with their related apps.

      1. You really have a nice way of endearing yourself to people, don’t you?

        We use Excel extensively, and we are not idiots. Save your insults for mental midgets of your own IQ.

  3. Most people don’t do work that requires lots of typing. A roofing frind of my was showing me a app that he could take a photo of their roof then show them how different types of roofs would look on their house. That is powerful, most people don’t get on their roof, this helps a lot.

    To judge a deveice on how it can do office work is insulting to most of the business owners in the world.

  4. An external keyboard with an iPad? Hmmm. Less expensive than a MacBook Pro but less powerful. The iPad has a touch screen that a MacBook Pro does not. Oh, crap, I have to purchase both. Damn you, Apple.

  5. MDN, who are you to tell other people what they need?

    Perhaps you have not been keeping up with many complaints of the limitations of iWork for iOS?

    For productivity work on a highly portable machine, your favorite choice of MacBook is an absolute necessity — and yes, in many industries, Excel and Word for Mac remain irreplaceable. MDN’s myopic view simply isn’t true for anyone with a real job. If all you use your tablet for is media consumption, then by all means, shun the most popular software that the business world uses.

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