Apple’s iPhone retains more value than top Galaxy models

“Investment bank Piper Jaffray on Tuesday announced the results in its new iPhone resale value index, finding that Apple’s iPhone depreciates at a rate less than half that of corresponding Android devices from Samsung,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider. “The inaugural report shared with AppleInsider compared U.S. eBay auction prices for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II , a method that looks to determine the current consumer climate for Apple’s handset”

“According to analyst Gene Munster, the index is ‘a pulse on what consumers are willing to pay for unsubsidized phones in the US,'” Campbell reports. “Despite being 46 percent more expensive than the Galaxy S III, Apple’s latest iPhone 5 shed 11.2 percent of its value compared to 13.7 percent for the Samsung smartphone.”

Campbell reports, “Interestingly, the highest performing handset in the focused study was the iPhone 4S, which managed to lose only 7 percent of its value over the two month period. Coming in second was the iPhone 4, which lost 8.8 percent, followed by the iPhone 5… Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II were the biggest losers, dropping 13.7 percent and 15 percent, respectively.”

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    1. Either do it through iTunes or you can go to settings on your iPhone and go through the following steps:

      Settings->General->Reset->Erase All Contents & Settings.

      That will remove the encryption key from your iPhone’s data and delete all apps except the defaults apps that were installed on your iPhone to begin with.

    1. Its a sign from our all mighty and wise “father” in heaven, Steve Jobs, may he be forever improving that place with the best tech in the universe…. LOL (humor in case anyone missed it)

      Buy now / soon, another chance at an all time low may never come again.

    2. We’ve been pointing out exactly WHY for months here at MDN. You can travel back in time and read the posts.

      Then again, considering the incredible success of this parasitic AAPL manipulation scheme: Wall Street scams are apparently too complicated for a vast number of people to comprehend. Thus the huge number of suckers who fell for it.

      The current spirit of the age: Screw Your Fellow Man. Or hadn’t you noticed?

  1. I want to take this chance to express my feeling on AAPL and GOOG price tonight !

    Is there justice in the world ! Google stock price is now 90x , people buying it like people in earthquake or end of the world buying foods in supermarket .
    AAPL at the same time being dumped like u shit .

    What kind of valuation is it ? With apple cash , I think google wont have the same amount within the next 20 years . Is that what the mothetfuckers like !? Huh !!

    I seriously warn u mothetfuckers , I am not an easy man , I will insult u till I die . Don’t push aapl down to $400 . Don’t test my limit of patience !

  2. This index seems stupidly flawed, if attempts to measure price fluctuation over two months. The model cycle is a year and there isn’t much difference between, say an 8 month old iPhone 5 and a 4 month old iPhone 5. The price differences between a 16 month old iPhone 4S and a 4 month old iPhone 4S are even harder to make sense of, because you can’t buy the same current production configurations that you could when the iPhone 4S was the top model. Couple that with the devices available for sale on eBay, typically two year old models just coming off contract, and you clearly don’t have a dataset that supports drawing conclusion about price changes over a two month period. Typical anal-ist, throw enough numbers out and everyone will ignore you except the fools writing your paycheck.

    Besides that, everybody already knew that.

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