Apple seeds fifth OS X 10.8.4 beta with no known issues

“Apple on Tuesday seeded the latest OS X 10.8.4 Mountain Lion beta build, dubbed 12E40, to developers with no known issues,” AppleInsider reports.

“The newest build comes one week after the previous 12E36 build was pushed out, keeping with Apple’s weekly release schedule,” AppleInsider reports. “In the third build of the upcoming maintenance update, a line of code was discovered pointing to the possible inclusion of speedy 802.11ac Wi-Fi in future Macs.”

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  1. My only major complaint with 10.8.4 beta so far is Safari, which has been one of the focus targets for testing. Safari is STILL the single worst detrimental RAM hog on my computers, and Apple know it. Sometimes I think it’s going to take a minor revolution over there to rip out the old bad memory management CRAPCODE and replace it with something with some modicum of artificial intelligence enough to know to NOT bring the entire computer to a Sit&Spin STAND STILL all for the sake of Safari’s RAM glutenous ways.

    I’m gonna keep saying it Apple!

    1. Oh and lookie here anti-Apple hater trolls. THIS is what serious Apple fanbois do. We let Apple have it when they screw up. We remain the single most discerning computer gear fanatics in the business. Apple was never a one-man-show.

      1. I will second this statement in the name of those who actually CHOOSE to use Macs when the are the best for their purpose. These Apple product users are extremely critical of Apple when Apple does not live up to the self imposed standard of only shipping the best.

        I have a friend who developed and has run a popular gaming web site as a small company. (He’s resisted selling out to the likes of Sony and Microsoft.) When he started advertising Mac support he suddenly started getting emails about such technical aspects as color gamut and even misalignment of as little as one pixel in certain graphics.

        Mac users — the hardcore USERS — are a perfection seeking lot. These users are often disappointed by Apple, yet they are even more often disappointed by each and every one of the other vendors. These users would rather have a 90% solution from Apple than a 50% solution from someone else.

        It’s too bad some of the Apple faithful get into the mode of, “I can say my mother wears army boots, but *you* can’t!!!”

    2. I was having problems with the spinning beach ball of death in Safari and had a quick check in activity monitor and it was saying that 35% of my CPU was being used by Safari, I realise my iMac isn’t the fastest, but no slouch either (3.1 Ghz 4 core i5), so why 35%? I turned off all reference to Java and Java script and the usage went down to 0.6%. I realise this has little to do with the memory management problems you’re referring to, but this has allowed me personally to use Safari flawlessly and as fast as you like since .Also I haven’t missed having Java so far. p.s an overhaul of the memory management system can’t do any harm, so I’m with you on this one, anything to make my system smooth and usable always gets the thumbs up.

  2. No issues?

    OK, let’s see Mail and TextEdit debugged, iTunes 11 sorted out, iPhoto given a cleanup.

    Actually, the last two would be better returned to their previous iterations.

    1. lots for Apple to do – obviously – so is a over all flat user interface needed to bridge the two OSes?

      i honestly rather see these issue resolved – not – de-shined or cover by a matt-facade from Ives.

  3. My only complaint with my two week old new 27″ iMac is the freezing of windows. The cursor can be moved around all over the screen but, the open software programs become inoperative. None of the buttons or drop down menus do anything. I can’t even click the red ball button to close the window. A restart gets things working again, but this has happened to me twice in the past four days, with the second one happening an hour ago!

    I got the thing maxed out with 32 GB RAM (not from Apple), 2 GB Video Ram, i7 3.4 GHz, with AppleCare and having two windows open and it locks up??? Don’t know if third party software is effecting things. Had Adobe InDesign open both times but also had Apple software open as well) Safari one time and Mail the other. Probably Adobe. Stupid Adobe!!!

    Anyone else experiencing open software app lockup?

    1. Yes, I am also experiencing UI freezing / lockups on a brand new 27″ iMac running Mountain Lion 10.8.3. My iMac will freeze for 5 seconds to 30 seconds at a time and then start working again. As you describe, the mouse cursor continues to move but there is no response when clicking on any application, no response from the dock, from the menu bar, etc. When the freeze occurs, there is _no_ spinning beach ball.

      I can reproduce the issue consistently doing photo editing in Aperture but it occurs in other applications also.

      My iMac is also brand new. It is the late 2012 model — 27″ 3.4 GHz i7, 24GB RAM, 680MX GPU with 2GB. From your description, you have the same model with the 680MX.

      The problem looks suspiciously like a graphics driver issue. I would be very interested to hear if anyone else with a 2012 iMac has the problem on the 675MX or 660M GPUs.

      1. Also, I can reproduce the freezing / lockups on a clean install of Mountain Lion 10.8.3 with only Aperture installed. No migrated settings, no third party apps.

        The freezing / lockups are not due to third party software.

    2. Also — I can reproduce the freezing occurs on a clean install of Mountain Lion 10.8.3 with only Aperture installed. It is not due to third party software.

  4. I have been using 10.8 for a couple of months now (after holding out using 10.6 for ages) and have found it to be a little flaky to be honest. Safari crashes more than I’d like, plus I’ve had random crashes of the finder, textedit and mail too… I thought it would have been smoother sailing by 10.8.3 :-/

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