Consumer Reports: Apple is tops when it comes to computer tech support

“In our latest reader survey of computer technical support, Apple bested its own scores from last year’s survey and walloped other brand-name computer manufacturers,” Consumer Reports reports.

“The company scored far higher than the other big companies for the elements that make for successful online and phone support: ease of contacting staff, clarity of advice, technical knowledge, patience, and time for follow-up,” Consumer Reports reports. “Apple’s in-house technical support service, the Genius Bar, rated as high as support provided by phone or online. Whatever way readers asked for tech help—by phone (the most common way), online, or in person—Apple was also able to solve more computer problems.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s always news when the Consumer Reports anachronism manages to get something right. They must’ve doubled up on liver pills drowned in Geritol this week.

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      1. Not every negative comment against Apple is a troll at work. Apple’s customer satisfaction rating is not 100% and never will be (some people simply cannot be satisfied by a reasonable solution).

        That said, spyintheskyuk’s comment is useless in the absence of some context/details. What problem? What actions did he/she take? What did Apple do/not do?

  1. From experience I can attest to the fact that ‘Apple Support’ is second to none! When you need them you always enjoy speaking with them they do their job so well. Thank You!

    1. Just had an experience with AppleCare last week. Flawless. Perfect. As usual. Have never ever had a bad experience on the phone or in person in the store. You pay for that good support when you buy an Apple product. You’re buying a premium product at a premium price so you expect premium support. And you get it. Most of us don’t mind paying a little more for better products and in particular, better service when needed. I can’t think of any thing else that I purchase that I feel that confident about. It’s money well spent.

      1. ****Note that Consumer Reports is grading customer support, not the products themselves..***

        Greg, I was typing the same response when yours popped up. I have owned Apple products for 30 years, starting with the Apple IIe. Owned nearly two dozen products (computers, iPods, iPhones and iPads, even an Apple Printer) and have only called support about a half dozen times.

        Some of my friends spend a lot of time in Dell-Hell and keep chiding me about how much more my computer costs. I just smile!

  2. Lesson to be learned at CR:

    When we survey real people we get data that reflects reality.

    When we evaluate products by ourselves we rarely come away with conclusions that reflect reality.

  3. I have dealt Apple customer support both for hardware products and App Store software. In neither case has Apple Support let me down resolving each of my complaints speedily and with no fuss.

    One time it was when I purchased an app that didn’t do what it was meant to do according to the description. I wrote in to Apple iTunes customer support and they refunded my purchase. Admittedly it was $9.99, not a huge sum by any means but what impressed me most was the fuss free way they handled my complaint.

    I had a problem with a stuck on/off (sleep/wake) button on my iPhone 4 (my first Apple product as a matter of fact) and Apple replaced it with a new unit again with no fuss. Recently I’ve had a couple of issues with my iPad 3 which stopped functioning due to a stuck volume control button and Apple replaced that without a fuss.

    I have dealt with HP support and Microsoft support and have found that Apple support is miles ahead of them. In Microsoft’s case, I had a couple of questions relating to Word and Excel and they made me recite my licence key to them then said they weren’t competent to handly my enquiry.

    HP support, or lack thereof, is a special hell in and of itself. I will never buy an HP product ever again, except maybe their laser printers.

    There’s no doubt that the quality of Apple support is a prime factor in me remaining loyal to them. They really do stand behind their products, no question about it.

  4. Another Apple Plus: Everyone I’ve ever talked to can speak clear unbroken English!!!

    The only problems I have not been able to get resolved are obscure glitches from 3rd party hardware and software, though they still try with suggestions.

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