Microsoft blasts Android, iPhone in new Windows Phone ad (with video)

Microsoft is attempting to sell Nokia Windows Phones by blasting Apple iPhone users and Fragmandroid settlers in a new television ad slated for U.S. and Canadian network and cable broadcasts.

In the ad, a wedding is taking place when a fight breaks out between well-heeled Apple iPhone users on one side and poorly-dressed Fragmandroid settlers on the other.

“Aren’t you a little young to have an iPhone,” asks an unkempt Fragmandroid settler who’s at least as old as the woman to whom he poses his supposedly cutting question. He looks to be waiting for yet another stab at an antivirus app to download to his ugly, plastic iPhone wannabe, but we couldn’t be sure as we were far too distracted by the size of the knot in his circa 1973 necktie. You just know the guy is recording episodes of Hee Haw on his VHS machine back home as all of this goes down.

MacDailyNews Take: Mildly humorous in spots, yet largely ineffective.

Translation for any stray Fragmandroid settlers who might mosey on by: Ain’t gonna work, Micronokia. Y’all’s time done passed.

[Attribution: AllThingsD. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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    1. I’m with you. It’s very funny but it doesn’t promote the phone. At least it’s not as bad as the Surface Pro tv commercial. That has to take the trophy as the worst commercial ever. Or at least the most bizarre commercial ever. I can’t believe that even Microsoft allowed that to be shown. Well, maybe Balmer gave the okey-dokey for that. Never mind.

        1. I agree completely. I mute the commercial until it is over. I don’t understand what it is selling. Is it a commercial for synchronized gymnastics or what? Does not work on so many levels. So Sad! NOT!

    2. “Do you think if they knew about the Nokia they’d stop fighting?”

      answer: -hell no – it runs Windows

      – yeah its an alright commercial – with a lame question not a strong position to promote the phone.

      – Also – Nokia is the phone of the year???
      I doubt that?

    1. I was just at a tech conference with about that ratio. 90% iPhone, a few Androids, one Nokia. And that guy works for Nokia, though he was proud to tell me he sold his iPhone and bought the Lumia with his own money.

  1. Subliminally burned into the viewer’s brain as the last lasting visual is ……: ta crisp indelible image of the Apple logo tatooed into the guy’s chest!

    Thanks microsoft.

  2. The Apple lawyers should sue Microsoft, Nokia and/or other responsible parties for using the Apple Registered Logo (tattoo on guy’s chest) without permission and without full legal acknowledgment of the protected trademark.

      1. Okay, the guy is committed to Apple and it likely speaks well in some way for Apple. However, notwithstanding any possible benefit to Apple, these people are using Apple’s protected trademark – with a staged actor – in a commercial manner – in a purposeful way to convey negatively to Apple – all without acknowledgment that they are using Apple’s registered trademark. Take these blithering idiots to court. Cease and desist them, and make they pay.

          1. Take Microsoft to court and you just end up giving Nokia’s Windows phones more publicity.

            Let the bizarre Ad run it’s course and disappear after it’s 15 minutes of infamy.

  3. Windows Phone ads are always so violent. Remember their previous ad campaign that showed people getting hurt because they were so engrossed in their smartphone screens they were ignoring the world around them? (The message being, I guess, that you won’t want to look at your Windows Phone screen.)

  4. Sorry, but that was pretty funny, you have to admit. I would far rather some of those Android users switch to Windows Phone.

    I don’t think they ended up selling it well at the end, but overall it was pretty good.

    “Could you please move your enormous phone?” Loved that.

    1. I liked that line, too… except that Microsoft’s phones are similarly enormous! So Microsoft is inadvertently mocking themselves? Sounds about right.

    1. Reminds me of the sublime mix of comedy and violence (and sexism) in North to Alaska starring the great John Wayne—the famous all-out town brawl frames the trailer:

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