Donald Trump: Tim Cook must immediately increase iPhone’s screen size

In a tweet today, Donald Trump claims to own “a lot” of Apple stock and that he misses Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Trump states flatly, “Tim Cook must immediately increase the size of the screen…” Trump’s tweet provides a link to his Facebook page which expands his thoughts thusly:

…on the iPhone. It should be slightly larger than the Samsung screen- and they better get it right fast because they will lose a lot of business. I like the larger screen.

Direct link to Trump’s tweet here.

Direct link to Trump’s Facebook post here.


    1. Unfortunately, the entertainment value of Trump mostly ended a long time ago. He wasn’t even fun as a possible Presidential candidate.

      Mr. Trump, on behalf of the vast majority of Apple fans in this world, you are hereby given notice that we do not care what you want or demand. The people on this forum are more knowledgeable about Apple products than you, and we have been discussing larger iPhone displays for the past several years.

      As a (very minor) Apple shareholder, myself, I would be more than happy for you to dump all of your AAPL and buy shares in Samsung or someone other company. My shares feel a bit slimy associating with your shares.

    2. Is this true? Did trump say this? Very rarely have I ever heard Mr. Trump spout completely unrelated topics in the same breath!

      “I miss Steve, Cook has to increase the iPhone size.”

      This smacks as the one dude campaign that I read on this forum for a larger screen.

      No! Please do NOT increase the iPhone size. If its increased, I suspect a lot of people will be seriously irritated.

      Trump is wrong. The size should not increase. He should just break out the Minnie.

      A phone is a phone. A game pad and e-Reader is a different ‘use case’ device.

      I really don’t mind having my phone with me in my pocket while I read the morning MDN on the bus ride to the office on my Mini. I would hope others agree.

      Stop this campaign to destroy the iPhone.

  1. Apple will NEVER release a product which they think is not good no matter how many people like or buy . Netbooks is an example , Apple thinks they can’t meet the quality then Apple won’t even release one NetBook .
    Then Apple came out with iPads , how many people that time kept saying Apple must have a netbooks ? Now they all shut up .

    Apple is an extraordinary company , it has its thinking , there is no need for anyone to step up and bullshit as they know nothing !!!

    1. It’s not that Apple can’t make a quality larger iPhone,it’s that they misjudged the appeal of a larger phone. They misread the consumer. It happens. Nobody’s perfect. Not even Apple. They will come out with a larger iPhone. It’s just that they’ve lost a lot of sales by not having one available now. I find it odd how some here act as though Apple can’t make a larger iPhone rather than just admit that they missed the boat. And it has nothing to do with making the apps work on a larger phone. It’s clear that Apple made a mistake and the arrival of the larger iPhone will prove that to be true. And no, it won’t be that Apple has finally found a way to make the apps work on a larger phone. They could do that now if they had the phone ready. That’s just an excuse. And you can iCal this, when the larger iPhone is announced the stock will rise dramatically. And it can’t come soon enough for me. Until then I’ll hold onto my 4 S.

        1. What data supports your theory that it hasn’t? So you are saying that Apple won’t make a larger iPhone? Is that correct? I’m saying that they will. If they don’t then I’m wrong. And if they do I’m correct. It’s not complicated.

          1. “It’s clear that Apple made a mistake…”

            Clear from what data? Something I read a few days ago (maybe here) said that Samsung isn’t even selling many of their phablets — the idea there is a huge demand is just a myth.

            1. I’m sorry, did you say Samsung or Apple selling larger phones? If you said Samsung selling larger phones then you’re assuming that Apple can’t sell a larger quality iPhone compared to the Samsung phone. Surely you of all people believe that Apple makes better phones. Correct? Something you maybe read doesn’t mean anything. And even if you quote data on this site it’s not going to be anything pro Samsung. I’m just telling you what people want. You can live in denial and make excuses for Apple if that makes you happy. Although I don’t know why anyone would bother to do that.

            2. When someone says ‘data’ (as in: “what data supports your assertion?”), they refer to research or survey data, i.e. not someone’s opinion.

              Sales data within Android world indicate that “phablets” (large-screen phones) represent lower single-digit percentage of the market, which is essentially inconsequential. Every Android maker has at least one in their stable, and none has gained any major traction.

              Now, we all know better than to compare iOS to Android. However, unless Apple totally re-invents the iPhone as a concept (both hardware, software and integration) and makes that available only with a large-screen device, there is no logical conclusion that would support the assertion that people (other than Donald Trump. Ballmer’s left nut and perhaps a few others) really want a large iPhone so badly.

              And on the issue of the assertion of Apple making a mistake, that would mean that competitors were selling every device they can make, and Apple was forced to discount the iPhone in order to move it. The reality is as follows: Apple can’t make the iPhone quickly enough. Meanwhile, competitors make deals with carriers to offer “BOGO” offers (i.e. 20% discounts), in order to move more of their devices.

              No sales data so far would support the assertion that people want a large iPhone so badly that they go with a competitor.

            3. I understand the term data. And you understand that you can’t compare IOS to Android phones. So the reality is that all you say is invalid. So what will you say when Apple announces a larger iPhone? Will you say that they finally found a way to make the apps work on a larger phone? What reason will you try to find to justify Apple making a larger iPhone? How will you make the announcement fit your argument against it? Because it is coming. Will you admit you are wrong then? Or will you try to sidestep the question?

            4. I would like to see what data sources our friend “Weekend” here is using in order to support his theory that a large iPhone is coming.

              He sounds like a big-time cheerleader for the fringe category of the phones, even though none of the currently available data (and there are plenty) supports such enthusiasm.

              So, on one side, we have “Weekend”, arguing extremely enthusiastically that Apple will eventually (and probably soon) release a “phablet”, a large-screen iPhone (i.e. something noticeably larger than the iPhone 5). He doesn’t back this up with any data; he just flat-out states it as some fact.

              On the other side, we have data. The data comes from within Android world, so it is not perfectly representative, but still, since Android represents a fairly large market space (larger even than iPhone by itself), the trends should give us enough clues to explain what people like and what they don’t. And this data very clearly tells us that Android users don’t really like large screens. Other surveys have confirmed exactly this: while many have been intrigued by the large-screen “phablets”, ultimately, they concluded that the device is just too big for them, and went to buy a smaller one. Since these surveys clearly focused on the device size as the focus of the survey, it is fair to say that results would be representative for other platforms as well.

              I never flat-out dismissed the possibility of Apple chasing the fringe of the market by making a “phablet” iPhone. Realistically, however, it is extremely unlikely, for the reasons already stated many times. No amount of cheerleading will change that.

            5. Predrag : So now you’re hedging your bet. We understand. As I stated, I could be wrong. If so I can admit it. I never hedge. You’ll be around somewhere down the road when it comes out though. Don’t forget to say hi.

            6. The large screen phones have been pushed via TV ads and other marketing, but that’s not showing up in sales data or web usage stats. Like any portable electronic device, the large screen phones have significant compromises, particularly in an unwieldy size (for ease of transportation), lower battery life, and other problems.

              Apple hasn’t made any “mistake” by not having a larger screen iPhone. In addition, the brisk sales of the iPhone 4S and 4 demonstrate that a larger screen size is not the controlling factor for consumers. Very few people I know (irregardless of iPhone, Android, or BB user) want some huge slab to hold up to their face.

          2. There was a recent survey showing the breakdown of phone usage. Large screen phones barely showed up, around 3%. They get a lot of headlines from the analysts but don’t seem to be selling that well.

          3. …”What data supports your theory that it hasn’t lost any sales due to screen size?”

            There is very concrete data that clearly shows that Apple sells EVERY single iPhone they make. To lose sales means to accumulate inventory, having to offer discount in order to move the devices. So far, we’ve seen pretty much every single Android “phablet” being offered at discount very soon after initial release.

            Apple likely hasn’t lost much (if any) hypothetical sales to “phablets” at all. The numbers clearly don’t support that assertion.

        1. They can make as many BIG phones as they like, but keep the iPhone 5 size running, permanently. One thing that would make me switch from an iPhone, is having too big a phone. Note: I own both an iPhone 4s and a Samsung galaxy 2 . Apart from the awful operating system on the galaxy, the size is too difficult to use, whereas the iPhone is right.

    2. I agree.

      Yet, I have my fingers crossed in hopes that Apple will see opportunity in offering iPad mini with retina and cellular telephone capabilities.

      – a 7.9″ phone – yes phone with retina screen
      the Pad mini/phablet is possible already… so why not Tim?

      – will out sell and out do Samsung

      – and Trump can think it was his idea all he wants

  2. Donald Trump is the poster boy for the lucky sperm club- a guy born on 3rd base who thought he hit a triple. How many times has this moron been bailed out when his companies went belly up?

    The worst comb-over in history, the most ignorant of a clown car circus of 2012 Republican Presidential wannabes, the TV version of an online hit whore.

    Let The Donald buy himself a Windows Phone- they deserve each other.

    1. This is why Trump is richer than you. You’re willing to pay more for AAPL than it is worth. You’re as smart as the rest of the stools on this board.

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