Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Android phone “has taken a fair bit of flak for its physical design,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg said the Galaxy S4′s ‘plastic body felt a bit insubstantial,’ and The Verge complained about its ‘unpleasant, cheap design,'” Paczkowski reports. “Now, consumer electronics warranty provider SquareTrade says that according to its breakability tests, the device is actually more fragile than both its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, and its archrival, Apple’s iPhone 5.”

Paczkowski reports, “As CEO Tim Cook said last week, ‘Our competitors have made some significant trade-offs in many of these areas in order to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist.'”

SquareTrade Breakability Score: Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Apple, Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5,

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