Apple retakes most valuable company crown from Exxon Mobil [updated]

Because you likely won’t hear this anywhere else, after ceding the “Most Valuable Publicly Traded Company” title to Exxon Mobil recently, Apple Inc. (AAPL) has retaken the throne.

Current market values:

• Apple (+$13.70, +3.28%): $402.74 billion

• Exxon Mobil (+$0.40, +0.45%): $392.95 billion

Current Apple Inc. quote via Yahoo Finance here.
Current Exxon Mobil Corp. quote via Yahoo Finance here.

MacDailyNews Note: This is an update from an article originally published at 9:37am EDT with current prices and market cap values.

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  1. MDN’s obsession with Apple’s stock price has finally gotten totally rediculous!

    Apple’s market cap is 0.09% greater than Exxon Mobil (not 9%, truly 0.09%) and MDN thinks this deserves notice?

    This could easily flip back and forth *several* times today. Unless something changes with Apple, Inc. or the Street stops bashing Apple and AAPL, there is no reason to believe Apple (and AAPL) will stay ahead of Exxon Mobil

    1. I gave you One star, only because AAPL is up another $6.00 since MDN posted this story. The will be bumps in the road but it looks like AAPL is headed toward a breakout. I’m concerned about guidance for the June quarter, and how that may catch up with current enthusiasm.

    2. I had similar thoughts when someone recently pointed out, with apparent relish, that “Exxon now bigger than Apple”. No one complained about _that_ absurd bit of media “news”. Why should people bash Apple for the same news now? It is funny, and sad, to see Apple bashers at work.

  2. The only catch is that last year, according to a number of analysts, Apple was supposed to be closing in on the trillion dollar market cap mark at this point in time. Now Apple’s market cap is buried well below half that mark. Apple was supposed to leave Exxon in the dust and not struggling just to keep a few dollars ahead. What a difference a few scant months made for Apple. Exxon share price hasn’t fluctuated very much over that same time period.

      1. That’s pretty mean. What happened to the days when a person just working – no matter what they were doing – was something to be encouraged?

        Someone has to make your food. There’s no dishonor in that.

  3. I wonder if Apple’s stock buy back program will make manipulating the stock a bit more difficult for the manipulators from now on. I think it would, but what do I know.

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