Analyst: Apple to unveil upgraded MacBooks across the line at WWDC

“Apple’s not expected to show much at WWDC that isn’t software,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “Tim Cook himself pretty much precluded seeing any major updates to Apple’s hardware line until fall.”

“That doesn’t mean, however, that Apple won’t bump the specs of some existing Mac models, and it’s now expected by one of Apple’s more reliable activists that Cupertino will do just that, unveiling upgraded MacBooks across the line at the beginning of June,” Brownlee reports. “”

Brownlee reports, “The word comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities… [sho] said that he expects all MacBooks to be updated to Intel’s next-gen Hawell processors, which will result in a performance bump of around 7-13%.”

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  1. I understand that the main value of Haswell chips for MacBooks would be battery life NOT CPU/GPU performance.
    We are talking of possibly something like 10 to 12 hours of battery life !!. That for me would be huge, no longer have to carry a power adapter, just like a cellphone, charging only at night

    1. You assume that Apple won’t use the more efficient CPU to reduce the battery size instead. Apple, to the chagrin of power users, often prioritizes portability over functionality — even on desktop machines like the iMac.

  2. If Apple does bump MacBook specs, why couldn’t Cook have acknowledged that minor updates were “in the pipeline for release next quarter” when he was asked point blank what the near term product releases would be???

    Analysts downgrade Apple every time Cook tells them there is nothing ready for release. ANY hardware release, even a minor update, would be welcome news to the Apple community.

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