Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 looks to take on Apple’s iPad mini; 3G model also a phone

“Samsung on Monday announced its new third-generation Galaxy Tab, a modestly equipped 7-inch tablet with a 3G-enabled variant that will also double as a phone,” AppleInsider reports.

“Specifications on the Galaxy Tab 3 suggest Samsung intends to undercut the $329 starting price of Apple’s iPad mini, though pricing has not been announced,” AppleInsider reports. “The new tablet will include a 7-inch display at a resolution of 1,024 by 600 pixels, and it will be backed by a 1.2-gigahertz processor and options for 8 or 16 gigabytes of internal storage. The Galaxy Tab 3 will also sport a 3-megapixel rear camera, plus a 1.3-megapixel forward-facing lens. It will ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.”

AppleInsider reports, “Perhaps most interesting about the Galaxy Tab 3 is the 3G model, which will be able to take phone calls like a smartphone. Unlike Apple’s iPad mini, the Galaxy Tab 3 will not offer high-speed 4G LTE wireless connectivity.”

More info and image in the full article here.

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    1. I usually am driving and put my iPhone on speaker phone… so for Apple to make iPad mini with true cellular telephone capabilities – i still wouldn’t hold it to my head. Not everyone will.

      Yet – yes, it would look funny with a 7.9 inch iPad mini held up to your head and talking.

  1. Look at that skinny little 16:9 screen. What can you do with that in portrait mode? I like my tablets like I like my women: give me something to hold on to cause R2 can be a rough ride. The skinny Galaxy can’t handle it but my full figured iPad mini never complains.

  2. Okay, that does it. Time for Apple to trump this size game once and for all. Write a phone app for the 7.9, or maybe even the 9.7inch iPad and get it over with.

  3. If you don’t make your own product obsolete, your competition will. Someone was going to do it. Who didn’t see this coming?
    That fills a huge hole for a LOT of people. Man, Apple is wagering a lot on “loyalty” these days. How is it that Samsung and Google can keep hitting the market, testing new niches, and Apple offers our “New” Sept ’12 version, OR our 4S from ’11, OR hey, for all you low rent types, why not take you way back and get 4 from over 2 years ago, Insane. At this point, with their product refresh for basically their entire line of everything coming this fall, perhaps the strategy is to finally deliver and have a huge, colossal sales quarter… maybe. Christ, I’d go to the store and buy something if they had something new. And for some reason the stocks UP!, go figure.

    1. There are 2 markets at play here.

      The first, is Apple’s market where you make things that aren’t necessarily new but are so revolutionary they are practically new. This market is high end, top of the line, best service.

      Then there is the second market. One that copies or mimics, isn’t the best quality, isn’t high end or does not offer the best service. This market is always trying to reinvent itself having faced multiple product failures. It is always trying to renew itself but ends up as plastic disposable junk.

      Some people want Apple to play in the second market. I don’t.

    2. When Apple acts, they make a market or redefine it — and they have the right solution complete, in-hand and fully functional. With an Apple product, its utility has been proved before it arrives. Samsung, Google et al just throw sh1t out there blindly… hoping that it might find a market.

  4. Maybe Apple should put 3G on the 27 inch iMac so it can accept phone calls. See how Samsung will trip over itself to produce a 30 inch all in one with cell capability.

  5. Wait a minute! There is a Galaxy Tab 3 coming out? I totally missed the 2nd one. When did the 2nd one come out? I have never seen one in the wild AND I live in Korea in a Seoul suburb. I am not joking I’m totally serious.

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