Waze CEO: Apple Maps ‘would have been an amazing product’ two years ago

“The quality of online maps has been increased significantly in the past few years. So much, in fact, that the CEO of the popular Waze mapping app believes Apple’s maligned Maps app would have been well-liked if it had been released only two years ago,” Sean Ludwig reports for VentureBeat.

“‘Two years ago, [Apple Maps] would have been an amazing product,’ Waze CEO Noam Bardin said today on stage at the D: Dive into Mobile event in New York City. ‘There’s a certain quality bar and that bar is only going up. You have to pour more and more money into it,” Ludwig reports. “Waze serves 44 million users in the U.S., South America, Europe, and other locations with apps for iOS and Android. Waze is rumored to provide Apple Maps with data to improve it, but Bardin would not confirm that.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not surprising that Bardin took the fifth on that one. Nobody wants to be associated with Apple Maps.

Ludwig reports, “When asked what Waze’s biggest strength is over Google, Bardin said the company does ‘real time much better.'””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Maps is amazing right now, too, but, sadly, it’ll never get its full credit due to its botched debut.

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  1. Waze is no one to talk. I use Waze every day, and have used it from early on. Waze is sucking these days. Nowhere near as good as it used to be. I often find myself switching to Apple Maps. Waze is not able to scale up their servers, I guess. No route updates in bad traffic like it used to do. Unable to map new routes during rush hour.

    1. They’re lucky this article didn’t come out this morning. My comments would not have been so kind right after my morning commute. I hit some unusually bad traffic on my normal drive, and Waze servers were not responding so I couldn’t get any help on which route to choose. It happens all the time now. Apple Maps does not have the same realtime features but it does what it does very well. Works as advertised.

  2. I love Apple maps. Just wish they included a speed display in GPS mode. For some reason, i really like knowing exactly how fast I’m going, as opposed my car’s speedometer, which isn’t very accurate.

      1. GPS may not know precisely where you are, but it tracks your change in location constantly, and so velocity can be very accurate. Car speedometers have a certain inherent error, then they depend on your tire radius which changes with temperature (environment and speed) and wear and then they are calibrated to show you going faster rather than slower than actual, so yes… I think a GPS may be more accurate than a car speedometer.

        1. The best instantaneous speedometer is the properly-calibrated one connected to your wheel. The second-best instantaneous speedometer is an incorrectly-calibrated one connected to your wheel to which you apply a simple corrective factor.

          GPS _does not_ calculate accurate instantaneous speed, only approximate average velocity.

      2. I drove across the US to bring a child home from college and tested my TomTom iOS app (speed readout) against all of the “Mileage Check” 5 mile markers and TomTom’s GPS-derived speed was right on whereas my speedometer overstated my speed by 0.5% — consistently.

  3. Consistent MDN take on Apple Maps — first impressions are lasting.

    True, but to a degree.

    While I don’t know the numbers, only the low information consumers are affected forever.

    Apple Maps is great and I find locations (U.S.) consistently more accurate than Google Maps. And Apple Maps will only get better …

    1. “‘Two years ago, [Apple Maps] would have been an amazing product,’ Waze CEO Noam Bardin said today on stage at the D: Dive into Mobile event in New York City.”

      Two seconds ago, [Waze], your Daze are numbered.

  4. Noticed two days ago that Apple Maps is showing icons at accidents and other traffic incidents. Came accross a semi had rear ended another semi in the East bound lane on the Sunol grade. I was going west. cars backed up to Automall Parkway. Clicking on the icon gave an accurate description. Very cool. Google maps only showed the red line where traffic was stopped. I did not see any announcement for this, but it is nice. Did not need to check Waze. Tired of all the chat invitations now on Waze, glad to see Apple getting better.

    1. I think Apple Maps’ implementation of traffic information is both better than Google Maps ever was (much more real time) and the graphic display is easier to read. I always felt Google Maps’ route lines blocked my view of the roads.

  5. Apple Maps is my go to now. 3D buildings for certain cities is amazing, even vehicles can be seen in the Z axis. It’s like flying around like a bird.

  6. Apple doesn’t need an “amazing” maps. Not everything has to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Ecosystem. Maps fits into the larger Apple ecosystem and all it has to do is add value to that.

  7. Recently started using Maps with Siri to locate the various playing fields and ice arenas where my kids play, and it has been fantastically accurate and pleasant to use. It always has a hitch where two major highways cross here in St. Paul, which is weird. Beyond that, it gives me perfect directions to within feet of my destination every time.

  8. As I stand here on the road side waiting for my friend to pick me up, I realise I should’ve not sent him the “Pick me up from this spot” message. He might try come by boat, in which case he would need to land about 100 meters away and walk across a storage yard. All the online maps show this as part of Shenzhen Bay even it’s all solid ground with streets on it.

  9. I need more audio book listeners to chime in that Maps needs to pause playback of audio books rather than talk over them. TomTom got this right in version 1.5 of their iOS app. Oh: There’s an idea: Pen an article headlined, “Apple Maps would have been a great app 2 years ago had they just done this one thing.”

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