Usage logs begin reporting hits from new Apple iPhone hardware and iOS 7

“Currently under development, traces of Apple’s new iPhone and iOS software have begun surfacing in app usage logs,” Matt Brian reports for TNW. “Developers have contacted The Next Web to share references to a new iPhone identifier and the next big operating system update for the smartphone and tablet devices: iOS 7.”

“One developer showed us that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new ‘iPhone6,1′ identifier, powered by a device running iOS 7, which is expected to be released by Apple in the middle part of this year,” Brian reports. “From the developer logs that we have seen, the app requests originate from an IP address on Apple’s Cupertino campus, suggesting that members of Apple’s software development and app teams are compatibility testing some of the more popular or well-known applications already on the App Store.”

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    1. Because of this report, I’m starting to feel better about the forthcoming model being named iPhone 6, rather than iPhone 5S.

      According to some, the S suffix had become meaningless, tainted, associated with mediocrity, subject to ridicule.

      But regardless of its moniker, signs are that a new device is undergoing testing.

        1. Agreed. Apple should open up iOS to some greater customization options like the ability to put on different themes. You could easily regulate it through the iTunes Store and all the themes would be stored in the cloud and not taking up valuable space. Also, this’d satisfy everyone – the pro-skeuomorphism folks and the anti-skeuomorphism folks.

  1. Would love to have some battery efficient Apple widgets along with being able to customize my home page. Would also attract users to iPhone when they try it out. Turn them off if you don’t like widgets.

      1. I think you meant to write “fewer”. You may have been trying to say that installed features are the problem but instead you said you’re someone who has issues with grammar and doesn’t know how to express himself professionally…

  2. Hope this means it’s iPhone 6 (even if it’s the seventh generation). Maybe they should just jump to iPhone 7 so it matches the iOS version.

  3. I hope Sir Ives has dropped his 5 as much as I have mine. I never dropped the 4S. Well, may I did, I don’t remember, but it doesn’t look like it has been dropped. The black aluminum surround on my 5 is starting to look like a moon crater theme wraparound. Perhaps I should join the legions of y’all who want a larger iPhone just so it will have to be forced into a pocket and can’t fall out.

  4. I hope the next iStuff is enough to bring me back to iOS. It’s not even funny anymore. My kids love and prefer their iphones–though they are sufficiently miffed as to why it’s made of glass–but it just feels soooooooo tiny and the iOS feels so locked-down and stifled.

    Apple……don’t make me buy the HTC one.

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