Mobile malware: Android is a bad apple

“McAfee, the virus scanning software that anyone who bought a Windows PC in the last however many years is likely familiar with, has released an alarming report on malware for mobile devices, and it doesn’t look so good for Google, but does for Apple,” Mark Knapp writes for Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

“McAfee’s report details a number of different backdoors, exploits, and spyware that allow attackers to access personal files on smartphones,” Knapp writes. “From there, the attackers have a wide range of actions they can take, from harvesting sensitive data to controlling the device entirely. This is not the kind of thing a user wants to happen, especially as devices are quite expensive and the data stored on them is increasing every year — even banking data is growing on smart devices, which would be dangerous in the wrong hands.”

Knapp writes, “This all is especially bad news for Google because the vast majority of the malware that McAfee found was on the Android operating system. Android was followed by Nokia’s Symbian, other mobile operating systems, and then Java ME. According to McAfee, Android made up ’97 percent of total mobile malware.’ This is a perfect case of ‘what’s bad for Google is good for Apple,’ because the McAfees results don’t even mention the word ‘Apple’ once, and there are no allusions to worms.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart buyers choose Apple products over poor imitations.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader ” JES42″ for the heads up.]

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  1. Smart consumers (once bitten) buy quality.

    The cost of buying in for $100 or $200 less has a much worse price to pay the first time a ‘problem’ erupts.

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  2. “Android is a bad apple…”

    please rephrase the title – it places a sense that Droid was allowed to be a clone of Apple… and as the eye scans quickly over the message – one reads BAD APPLE. Not good.

    better would be…

    ‘Droid is bad copy of iOS’
    ‘Droid is rotten to the core’
    ‘Droid is a terrible seed’

    1. That’s a really unfair statement.

      There’s really no comparison between shit and Android.

      After all, shit is good – even essential – for many things.

  3. This is why I get a monthly note from my bank in Bangkok, Thailand reminding me not to use an Android for my online banking. Part of the message:

    “Dear Bualuang iBanking member

    Please be aware of forged or false messages that may be sent to you via SMS or email claiming to be from the Bank in an attempt to extract your personal banking information…

    For your own safety in making transactions on devices, namely, mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or PC, we strongly recommend that you:
    Do not make financial transactions using any device with jail-broken (iOS) or rooted (Android) operating systems”

    1. …Which may go a long way explaining exactly why the Chinese government attempted to go ape-shite on Apple this past month. Darn, no Big Mao surveillance of their citizens via iPhones (except of course identification via location tower triangulation, which is already occurring in the USA).

  4. Android made up ’97 percent of total mobile malware.’

    Considering the time period during which this has occurred: The growth rate of malware for Android is EXPONENTIAL. That’s a VERY bad thing.

    And no, Google is NOT effectively controlling Android malware penetration via their Google Store. Not working!

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