Beleaguered BlackBerry slides on dismal Z10 launch; returns reportedly now exceeding sales

“BlackBerry shares slid Thursday on increasing signs that sales of Z10 failed to meet initial expectations,” Sue Chang and Saumya Vaishampayan report for MarketWatch.

“BlackBerry [BBRY -9.26%] shares slid more than 9% on a couple of reports pointing to a dismal Z10 launch,” Chang and Vaishampayan report. “‘We believe key retail partners have seen a significant increase in Z10 returns to the point where, in several cases, returns are now exceeding sales, a phenomenon we have never seen before,’ said analysts at Detwiler Fenton in a report.”

Chang and Vaishampayan report, “The most common complaints from customers are that the phone’s user interface and maps application are ‘unintuitive’ and that the device has a tendency to slow down after several hours, the analysts said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: DCW. Won’t be long before we can finally drop the “W.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. Amateur hour really IS over! I’m sorry but I’m getting the nastiest cruel chuckle out of this today and I’m not very proud of myself.

    “Returns now exceeding sales”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEE HEE HEE!! (wiping tears from eyes from laughing so hard…)

    “The most common complaints from customers are that the phone’s user interface and maps application are ‘unintuitive’ and that the device has a tendency to slow down after several hours, the analysts said.”


    Remember their ad jab at Apple a year or two back for their now dead Playbook tablet that “Amateur Hour Is Over”. I guess amateur hour is just beginning, and ending for them simutaneously. Heh! AC is now DC.

  2. BB followed Samf_ck’s footstep by copying iPhone (in BB case, it’s iPhone5 design) and think they can get a bigger slice of the mobile market. Big Failure!!

    One interesting question to ask is… how many Canadian bought Z10 and return? If you lost your home turf advantage, you are in serious trouble.

  3. Naysayers? Where are you? The once oh so ARROGANT Crackberry user base has been silenced. The Storm has reached your back yard. R.I.P. The YEARS of abuse I took from Corporate IT self Rightious Crackberry users is finally coming to an END!! Thank You Steve Jobs & Crew. Oh the beautiful justification of superior innovative technology from AAPL.

    1. Do any one-eyed Apple groupies, among the readers, disbelieve that iJah420’s phrase, “The once oh so ARROGANT” may potentially apply to Apple one day?

      The only way to avoid it is to acknowledge it is a possibility, if Apple continues in its arrogance, and refuses to listen to customers.

      My point is: village-idiot simplicity – achieved by deleting all tech features – is not the same as the genius of early-Apple that was achieved by coming up with ultra creative solutions for making complex actions seems so simple. In the latter, the function is retained, but made simple – whereas in the former, you achieve simplicity by deleting the function.

      The classic example is iOS’s deletion of a filing system. For the village-idiot, not having a filing system makes it simple. For those of us who need a filing system, iOS is just dumbed down.

      There are commercial consequences for dumbing down a product. If you disbelieve that, let’s take bets on whether Apple will be the next Blackberry in a decade.

      Hey, that’s the new mantra. It used to be “the next Microsoft”. Now, we’re all waiting to see who will be the “next Blackberry”.

      1. MM, you’re mixing plain old FUD with distortion of facts. It comes off as boring old propaganda against Apple.

        I use both my iOS device AND my two active Macs every day, each to its own best uses.

        Meanwhile, my very tech illiterate mom is THRILLED with her iPad 4! She at long bloody last graduated from the horror of her WebTV.

        Perspective is everything, as per usual.
        Diversity rules, as per usual. 😀

      2. That is true.
        How ever. Listens to consumers can mean many things. Anyway. I think it’s allot of not listening to consumers the way other companies do that have brought Apple success. Apple and Steve convinced people their products was the best. They didn’t ask people what they wanted. They mad a product and told people why they wanted it. Steve Jobs once famously said “it’s not the consumers job to know what they want” and that is true if Apple. And that have brought them a core following and huge success.

  4. I got one at work and I like it so far. It did take time to get used to the gestures but any phone does. It is a lot easier to type emails on it than it is on a iPhone. My main complaint is the lack of apps but since it’s a work phone, I’m not that worried about it. I have not seen any slowdowns.

    1. Why do work places still use this phone? Is the RIM glue really that hard to get off? Maybe it’s I that don’t get it but I don’t understand what is so much more secure with Blackberry. If we talk about Email doesn’t that have to do allot with the server? Just have a secure connection to the server. Sure blackBerry have its own system but that’s a huge “lock in effect” and should be avoided.

  5. Just go and find this new in the mootleyfool site to get some fun reading the crapberrie’s comments defending the crapberry platform.
    They are so delusional and it is so much fun to watch them say how every single site reporting this bad news are against Crapberry even if crapberry it self reports low sales.
    They are like the fandroids in WIRED magazine.

  6. When the Z-10 came out I saw one review that compared the BB and iOS maps and voice controls. It said both were worse than iOS. This was buried in the last few paragraphs. Yet people were still trashing Apple on Maps and Siri. Of course they refused to give the Z-10’s battery life, one of the most important things about a smart phone. No wonder people are returning them, they found out the truth the hard way.

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