Apple Macintosh on the rise as Windows PC market plummets

“The demand for tablets is causing interest in PCs to dwindle significantly, while Windows 8 has failed to drum up much interest, dragging down industry giants such as HP and Acer, as sales slump, although Apple and Lenovo are managing to buck the trend,” Dan Worth writes for V3.

“Figures from Gartner showed in the first quarter of 2013 worldwide PC shipments fell by 11 percent when compared to Q1 2012, falling from 89.1 million to 79.2 million. In Europe shipments plummeted to 23.2 million, down from 27.7 million in 2012,” Worth writes. “Worldwide, HP suffered the most, seeing its market share fall from 17.2 percent to 14.8, as shipments dropped form 15 million to 11.6 million. In Europe this led to a fall from 5.7 million shipments to 3.9 million. ”

Worth writes, “In the US, meanwhile, Apple maintained a position in the top five, ahead of Toshiba and Lenovo, with 1.7 million devices shipped, up from 1.5 million in 2012. This gave it a market share of 11.6 percent. These figures do not include iPads, showing the firm’s Mac range is performing strongly. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we have always said, even as many short-sightedly waved (and continue to wave) the white flag, the war is not over. And, yes, we shall prevail… No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft.MacDailyNews Take, January 10, 2005

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      1. Sadly, Microsoft’s Windows XP support ENDS April 1, 2014.

        The only reason Windows XP is still supported was the hue and cry of HORROR from Windows users when Windows Vista hit the streets. Microsoft relented and pushed forward the end of XP support TWICE.

  1. I love Macs and wouldn’t use a PC again, but the market share is still pathetic – 1.7 million out of 79 million. Apple ought to introduce a couple of lower end machines to entice more people. Many people can’t afford to drop more than a grand on a computer.

    1. Read it again. 1.7 mil in US while worldwide is 79 million. There were about 14.5 mil US. These are shipped projections. Have to wait until Apr 23 to get the actual Apple numbers.

      1. The mac-mini is absurd- one of Apple’s dumbest ideas. It’s $600 but then you have to go and get a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. By that point you’ve paid way more than you would for a complete desktop HP. I’ve talked to many people who would much rather go by a lap top at walmart for $300-$400 rather than buy a so-called Mac “mini” and then have to get the screen and keyboard. Personally I think Apple would benefit from an entry level COMPLETE machine for $500 that competed directly with Dell & HP $500 machiens, not a stupid mac-mini.

        1. Idiot. You can get a Mac mini for $1000, if you want to upgrade, and still not have a keyboard, mouse and monitor.

          You can pick up second hand mice, displays and keyboards for peanuts.

          On the other hand, you can get one or more displays in exactly the shape and resolution you desire. You can also buy anything from a giant track pad to a roller ball mouse to move your curser.

          As for keyboards, use any one, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, you name it, in Mac or Windows, blue tooth, infrared or tethered to a USB port.

          Many choices at many different price ranges.

          The Mac mini is very versatile, if you haven’t got your head stuck up your backside.

          1. It seems the comments here should be moderated for immature replies. Here’s the deal. You can go to Best Buy and get a brand new HP with a nice monitor complete with keyboard and mouse for $500. Although its made out of cheap plastic that makes an iMac seem like a Mercedes, the HP is more than adequate for most people. So anyone getting a Mac Mini is going to end up spending hundreds more, and the fact is that shuts Apple out of a large segment of the market. Moreover a large corporate entity that buys thousands of machines is going to be more inclined to buy the HP than a Mac Mini or iMac since the savings will add up to a ton of money and the HP (or a Dell or whatever) has matching capacity in terms of hard disk size, memory, processor speed.

            1. Apple will always stay away from the low end computer market. Nobody is making any money selling them. Even in a shrinking market, if Dell, HP Sony, Acer, ASUS and whoever were making money, the PC companies’ stock wouldn’t be in the tank nearly as bad as they are. What people don’t realize is that for not much more money than what they pay for a PC, they can have a really great computer that will give them 6-8 yrs of rock solid reliable operation. And if they really need to run some software that requires Windows, they can do it on the Mac. When you look at the total cost of ownership of a Mac over a period of years, it’s a bargain. But if a person just doesn’t have the money to invest In the beginning to buy the Mac, the cheap PCs are about the only option. Although this day and age, they might be better off with an iPad

      2. Actually the Mac Mini is a pretty powerful and flexible computer. It has more ports than most computers these days, and the industrial design is superior. If anyone thinks (as dmmcmah does) that you are going to get a $300-400 laptop PC that even comes close to this machine, they are sadly mistaken. Even when you add on the cost of a good monitor and keyboard, it’s still a great buy. I’ve been giving this model serious consideration over the new iMac as that model has sacrificed upgrade ability. Go look at the specs on Apple’s site, then put every feature on a PC and compare the price. Not much difference. Plus you get software with it, and you never have to buy virus protection, and you never have to deal with Windows. That alone makes it worth the price.

        1. Just ordered a Refurbished Mac Mini with keyboard and track pad for $750 tax included. A machine that will be by far the most powerful computer i have yet owned, and one that will last as you say for many years. Decided to pick it up at the Apple Store where I can go and they will help me set it up. I will bring my external backup drive and port over everything I want from my old system into the new one. Painless and easy and will get to see my friends there at the store. A painless and pleasant buying experience. And, you could buy at 0% interest so paying a few hundred more for such quality is well worth it.

    2. Apple ought to introduce a couple of lower end machines to entice more people.

      Read the history of:

      1) Apple’s dire experiment with licensing Mac OS to third party manufacturers.

      2) The very recent history of Dell Computers.

      IOW: No frickin’ way will Apple sell cheap crap to suckers. It’s a path of self-destruction. No thank you!

  2. So now we are quoting the Gartner survey as being the accurate survey MDN? Hmmmmmmmm, I thought we didn’t believe ANY of these surveys? I don’t. I just want my Mac Pros. And I want them now Tim! Get off your ass and get something done for the people who supported Apple when it was about to go under! All these new fans and fanboys weren’t there when Apple needed support. Almost all are Johnny-come-lately’s. It’s the professionals that supported Apple Tim!

      1. GM has a legitimate gripe. Apple needs to fully support its pro users. The Mac Pro is a flagship product – a demonstration of the company’s prowess in cutting edge, high-performance desktop computing for professional users including scientists, video production specialists, graphic artists, engineers, etc.

        The Mac Pro is supposed to say, OS X has the power to crunch numbers and support cutting edge design, research, and development more efficiently and more capably than any other desktop workstation. The Mac Pro is Apple’s equivalent of the Jaguar XJR or the Lamborghini Aventador. Three years is far too long, Apple.

  3. PCs and Macs have been fast enough for most users for quite a while. Excepting gamers and high end users, there’s no need or benefit of upgrading a home computer until your machine won’t run new software (OS or AS) that you really need or want. A good example is my wife’s 2006 MBP Core Duo. It’s stuck at 10.6.8 and iTunes 10.7. So what? It still syncs to iCloud with her iPhone and iPad, and still runs virtually all the apps she cared about. The driving forces to buy a new computer are much lower than they used to be when the web was getting more complex exponentially every year. When it starts hurting is when the software developers stop offering 32 bit compatible applications. Like TurboTax this year screwed all the 32 bit Mac owners yet updated the 32 bit PC version. Then things begin to get aggravating.

  4. Just as MDN stated, “No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft —- as an exercise in logic, even MDN would also acknowledge, the same applies: “”No company is invincible. Not even Apple”.

      1. MM didn’t equate Apple with MS. MDN is the one that stated the obvious truth that ALL companies have vulnerabilities. MDN made a categorical statement, not a direct comparison.

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