Apple demolishes Samsung in California claim construction patent battle

“In the second California litigation between Apple and Samsung, which has a trial date in 2014, the outcome will probably be similar as the one of the trial held last summer. At the claim construction stage Apple is on the winning track — to a near-complete extent that is rarely seen in disputes involving two players of this nature and stature but less surprising when considering that one of the two parties has already been found to have deliberately copied inventions made by the other,” FLorian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Apple prevailed on each and every disputed term in its own four patents, with the court in each case adopting Apple’s proposed construction without any modification,” Mueller reports. “Samsung consistently tried to narrow the scope of the claims in order to have a better basis for disputing infringement, while defendants sometimes also seek to broaden them with a view to invalidation. These efforts on Samsung’s part were all rejected by the court because they weren’t supported by the patent specifications, prosecution history, or extrinsic evidence. As a result, Samsung will face an uphill battle at next year’s jury trial when disputing infringement.”

Mueller writes, “The only patent in connection with which Samsung prevailed is a standard-essential one: U.S. Patent No. 7,756,087 on a “method and apparatus for performing non-scheduled transmission in a mobile communication system for supporting an enhanced uplink data channel”… This ups the ante for Apple’s efforts to avoid an infringement finding, but due to Samsung’s FRAND licensing obligation, this is not a patent Apple has to be particularly afraid of. If Samsung prevails, it won’t get an injunction, and damages and future license fees will be limited.”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. I don’t want to hear good news. I don’t want to hear ANY news about Apple. All news does is to feed the analysts with something they can twist into a negative.

    1. I don’t boycott based just on how a court hearing might go. I can see with my eyes what’s been going on. My sense of morality about this doesn’t stop when a company like Shamstung is so obviously attempting to copy others and so my boycotting is permanent. I am not like the flaky people who’s convictions are diaphanous and half-hearted.

      1. I have been advocating a boycott of Samsung for a couple of years now and the delays in justice are destroying Apple’s business possibilities in the future. Samsung needs to know that people will not stand for their lack of ethics. Although I don’t put my friends down when they have already purchased a Samsung device, I will let them know when they are considering purchasing an electronic device to steer away from Samsung because of these underhanded ways.

        1. I have a personal boycott going since this started. I have bought Samsung products for many years. They made the best monitors and good cameras. But the last PC-monitor I bought was from another brand. I will continue to avoid them.

  1. I’ve already started my boycott.
    Bought a washer and dryer last week and did not even consider Samsung which I would have bought due to the color choices.
    My neighbor is also getting a set and I told him that samsung products had been described as unreliable. That was all he needed to hear.

  2. Even with solid tangible documented evidence, iHaters continue their propaganda of Apple copying Samsung. Their only evidence is a video of Steve Jobs talking about artist stealing. Then apply that little quote to everything Apple has innovated for all to enjoy. It’s mind boggling.

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