Apple TV 5.2.1 delivers a brand new Hulu Plus UI

“At Hulu’s development center in Seattle, we spend our time focusing on making the Hulu Plus living room experience delightful for our subscribers. We’ve redesigned the Hulu Plus experience from the ground up – making it even easier to find your favorite current season TV episodes and discover a new favorite show,” Dave Herman reports via the Hulu Blog.

“Right away, you’ll notice we’ve added content categories across the top navigation bar to make it easy to for you to jump to your chosen section – whether it is TV, Kids, Latino, Search, or something else,” Herman reports. “Inside each category, you’ll discover what’s new in our content library so it’s easy to discover new shows and keep up with the shows you already love. You can also jump into your favorite shows right away with the ‘Shows You Watch’ tray. We built this to make sure you never miss a new episode or lose your place in a series.”

Read more and see the screenshots in the full article here.


    1. I completely agree. If it’s thought out and executed as well as the iOS SDK, it would be another gold rush not seen since the App Store was first announced. There would be thousands of apps available on day one, and done right, Apple could simultaneously both make Roku irrelevant, and gain a massive foothold in the living room.

      At $99, or even $149 for a more powerful one with the rigth features, the Apple TV could become the MUST HAVE gadget on everybody’s Christmas list. The halo effect would be huge. Apple TV would be the new iPod for Apple.

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