China Telecom profit beats estimates as iPhone lifts data

“China Telecom Corp., the country’s biggest fixed-line carrier, reported fourth-quarter profit that beat analysts’ estimates as customers using Apple Inc.’s iPhone helped boost sales of wireless data,” Bloomberg News reports.

“Net income fell 17 percent to 2.36 billion yuan ($380 million) from 2.84 billion yuan a year earlier, the Beijing- based company said in a statement today,” Bloomberg reports. “That surpassed the 2.04 billion yuan average of six analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg.”

Bloomberg reports, “Chairman Wang Xiaochu began sales of subsidized iPhones last year, helping the company lure subscribers in the battle with larger wireless carriers China Mobile Ltd. and China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. China Telecom said at the time the device would boost long-term growth with ‘short-term pressure’ on profitability due to promotion costs. The company said mobile data traffic volume almost tripled last year.”

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    1. I read that China Mobile already upgraded the cell towers around the big cities to work with the iPhones and will upgrade all or most for the big rollout of iPhones later this year. Like Apple, you don’t want everyone sitting on the old cell phones holding off until the next iPhone hits the streets. China Mobile has more than 67% of the cellular market in china with more users than we have people in the USA.

  1. hmmmmmm I guess it all depends on who you believe and how it is passed along to the public? I’m looking at an article that says that “China Telecom profit fell 9 1/2% last year because it spent more to market the iPhone as it battled rivals for higher-paying customers”. That was not an Apple bashing or Apple fanboy site. I guess MDN does after all, pick and choose what it wants to push out. Go figure.

    1. Or maybe MDN is a site providing news highlights, encouraging visitors to read the articles, rather than being a site that hopes everyone will only read their summaries and ignore the larger world. You aren’t ignoring the larger world, which is great. But I’m not sure from your comment whether or not you read the article MDN is summarizing here, because it does in fact contain bad news (from one perspective): “Since releasing the iPhone, the carrier has reported three straight declines in quarterly profit.” If I were someone with a hand out for their profit that would be bad news. But from a total outsiders perspective maybe it’s good news that competition is making them work harder and the free money days are all but over?

        1. That’s nice of you, but then your brain functions above the rest of a given crowd’s level.
          you/I can not expect Wall Street pundits being as clever as you seem and nothing is won.
          So I prefer good data and MDN mongering if it helps Apple’s cause, if deserved.

          1. Well, I’m not exactly sure what you just said. It’s a little bit difficult to decipher. But like I said, I can take the good with the bad. I don’t need to be spoon fed good news about anything. I guess I’m just a realist. Never lived in a fantasy world. But each to his own.

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