Major Macbook Air redesign coming this summer?

“The Macbook Air was last updated on June 11, 2012. Recent history shows that Apple has been updating the MacBook Air every 9–12 months,” Karl Johnson writes for T-GAAP. ” That update cycle would lead to a March-June 2013 update range.”

“One of the major new features obviously coming to the MacBook Air is a Retina Display,” Johnson writes. “It is unlikely Apple can just drop the high-resolution display into the current Air, which suggests a major redesign coming as well.”

Johnson writes, “Apple is likely to wait for Haswell before launching an all-new MacBook Air. It will take time for Intel to test and Apple to build up these new machines. Thus a June launch, with a July or early August release date is likely.”

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    1. How about reducing the metal and adding some polycarbonate to it. I hear that’s all the rage nowadays. In some circles it’s completely acceptable.

    2. Yup. But the 15″ MBP/RD is even more unbelievable. Can get a lot of work done on this beauty. And professionally speaking, the extra little bit of weight really doesn’t mean anything. It kicks ass.

  1. as long as Apple doesn’t attempt to turn the MBA into a touchscreen iOS device to compete against the Surface, then all will be well.

    Cook: might i recommend having supplies on hand BEFORE Christmas….

          1. Jeff Williams is COO and needs to step up. A CEO — especially one as overcompensated as Cook — is allowed no excuses, however. If he can’t work 20 hours per day, then he needs to mentor people who can get the job done. Cook hasn’t earned his pay.

            Funny thing: Wall St, analysts, and stockholders are sending the signal loud & clear that Cook isn’t communicating well, that expected defense of market position isn’t happening aggressively enough, and that product rollouts have been late, buggy, self-cannibalizing, &/or unable to meet demand — but watch what inevitably happens. If anything like the typical US corporation, the company will blow its cash in an obvious attempt to buoy short-term stock price. It will hand out obscene quantities of stock options to its executives. But it probably won’t fix the fundamental problems that it needs to regain its agility and quality of just a few years past. We shall see…

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