Apple Australia ups warranties to 2 years, but reportedly tells staff to keep mum

“Apple’s Australian stores will now fix faulty iPhones, iPads and Macs under warranty if they were purchased in the past two years – but don’t expect the company’s staff to tell you about it,” Ben Grubb reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Until now, many Apple consumers have reported on forums that store staff have only ever discussed with them a standard 12-month manufacturer warranty when selling, fixing or replacing Apple goods,” Grubb reports. “Apple has now changed this from 12 months to 24, which appears to bring it in line with Australian Consumer Law.”

Grubb reports, “But it appears some high-up employees within Apple don’t want the change talked about too widely.
One email Fairfax Media has seen, which was circulated within an Australian Apple store, told staff not to talk to customers about the detail of Apple’s new policy.

Read more in the full article here.


    1. One alleged email seen by Fairfax Media reputedly “circulated” through one Australian Apple Store. Did this really happen? Who sent it? What did it actually say? Is Fairfax Media a credible source? Why am I wasting my time discussing this rumor?

  1. It’s irrelevant anyway. Australia has fantastic consumer protection laws that essentially mean that a product is warranted against failure for a period of time expected taking its price and associated marketing materials into account. A company can slap whatever arbitrary warranty length they want on the box but it doesn’t mean a damn thing in terms of the customer’s right to remedy.

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