Did Steve Jobs actually intend for Apple to live forever?

“Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.” – Apple Inc statement upon news of the death of Steve Jobs

“What if more than Steve Jobs’ spirit lives forever? What if Apple lives forever? Is this even possible?” Brian S. Hall writes for TechPinions. “I say yes.”

“As the blogosphere pronounces ‘Apple is Doomed’ at every turn, I can’t help but thinking that we have it wrong,” Hall writes. “Apple will have its ups and downs, no doubt. It’s just that the more I follow Apple, the more I study Steve Jobs, the more I suspect that while he could not live forever Jobs absolutely believed his creation, Apple, could. Literally.”

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    1. Yes I no the truth hurts sometimes, but Apple you have been to quiet.

      When Steve Jobs was in charge we had a keynote in January to look forward to, that was a roadmap of what Apple was going to do for the year, now the silence is deafening.

      Do what I say above in my very long comment Tim Cook and you will be the hero we all want you to be.

  1. THIS WILL SAVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!

    Add touch to that iMac Apple then hang it on the wall. You would then own the best Windows 8 computer on the market.

    Then tweak OSX to work with touch, add some color to that drab GUI and u will have something.

    I use OSX all the time, but I do not understand we have these beautiful displays but very anemic video cards in these Macs, and strip out lots of color from the GUI.

    Oh wow yea take the color out then the windows on OSX draw faster, Apple has always had sloooow video.

    iMac has a glass panel add the capacitive layer, it’s not that hard.

    Apple it’s a different buying public these days we want gimmicks pa sass.

    The 3rd party vendors that are making touch screens can’t keep up with the inflow of orders they receive every day, whats that tell ya huh??????????????????

    Owe and it won’t cut into that 50% profit margin you so enjoy.

    I hate this, we have all of this tech and no one has put it all together to make a outstanding device.

    All because of some design team thinks our arms are going to fall off, come on!!!!!!!!!!

    So get busy and add the touch panel on the iMac!!!!!!!

    Oh and for the people who think your arms will fall off.
    You need to be smart enough to make a decision when to use the touch panel, everyone thinks you use touch 100% of the time, wake up people think outside the box.

    Now you get it, there is also a track-pad or a mouse and oh look a keyboard.

    Looking forward to all the unbelievable comments, 😉

    1. @MacMike – Thank you for your thoughts about saving Apple by converting the Mac OS into a superior version of a PC running Windows 8.  I have worried a lot about the impending collapse of iPhone and iPad sales, and saw no way the company could last beyond next year or 2015 at the latest … until now.  I hope you’ll keep posting your ideas, just in case someone in Cupertino monitors MDN.

    2. This guy seems to be posting this all over the site today. Might be an idea of value somewhere in there, but his presentation skills (questionable) stop me mid-sentence.

      1. Not just today either. This twit’s been posting this ordure for a while.

        My Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad serve my needs for “touch” quite adequately, although I am looking forwards to getting my Leap Motion in May. I don’t want mucky finger marks all over my screen when editing photos in Aperture.


    1. I am the alpha and the omega. You must have never heard of the words immortal and eternal used to describe various deities. I think you’re judging things based on your own puny, mortal life. You obviously don’t know the full extent of Apple’s powers.

  2. Long ago I heard a great definition of a “true creator”.

    A true creator is someone who invents then implements something that does not need him.

    In the last few years of his life Steve spent more effort creating Apple, Inc. than in creating products. In a couple decades we’ll know if Steve fits the definition above.

    1. So who should he have turned the company over to?

      I happen to think Tim is doing a great job in his roll which is different than how Steve did it. How can you knock a guy for record sales and record profits quarter after quarter?

  3. Nice to see this place again, Technobuffalo is filled with unreasonable and unintelligent fanboys who can make so much claims, but reason so little.

    Anyways, I personally believe Apple will eventually turn things around. This is just one of those hard times that companies go through sometimes. In addition, the shift in the company’s structure — Scott leaving, Cook taking over, Jobs dying, etc.

    I also believe that Apple will have a competitive advantage over recent competition. I mean, the S4 had stunning features. But most of them were either poorly implemented or just plain gimmicky. Duel camera so you can join in the photo? Looks more like a photo of the photographer pasted on top of the main picture.

    The HTC One, I have to admit is really impressive. But HTC is not as developed as Apple or Samsung, yet.

    If Apple an do the S right, I believe they have a strong chance to get back on their game.

    1. Turn around?!?!? I can’t think of another company that wouldn’t love to be in Apple’s profit, product, and customer loyalty shoes right now.

      I still think that Apple’s cup is 95% full and not 5% empty.

  4. Of course not. Steve’s objective for Apple was to make the best products possible. Of course, if Apple can do that for a long time then it’s a great thing, but if another company comes over with a better product, then’s it’s fine that they take over Apple.

    The keyword here is “Better product”.

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