BlackBerry shares jump after Lenovo CEO talks possible deal

“BlackBerry shares jumped the most in more than a month after Lenovo Group Ltd.’s chief executive officer was quoted in a French financial newspaper as saying his company may eventually consider buying the smartphone maker,” Hugo Miller reports for Bloomberg.

“Lenovo’s Yang Yuanqing told the Les Echos paper that a deal with Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry ‘could possibly make sense, but first I need to analyze the market and understand what exactly the importance of this company is,'” Miller reports. “The remarks echoed comments made in January by Lenovo Chief Financial Officer Wong Wai Ming, who said the company was ‘looking at all opportunities,’ including BlackBerry”

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MacDailyNews Take: Like HP buying Palm. The walking dead is nonetheless still dead.

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  1. OK. So now all that “secure” government and business communication is going to run through Chinese controlled servers? Is that really going to make all those blackberry users feel really good? How about Obama’s thousand dollar “secure” blackberry? This, after all the attacks on US entities are being tied back to servers near the Chinese intelligence offices. Sheesh.

  2. Transitioning too late from grass to gas in the world of transportation doomed most carriage builders.

    Likewise, 5 years late to the smartphone game destroyed the image and ability to get serious developers on board…

    If there was anything left to sell, it would have been bought out earlier. Bye bye blackberry.

  3. That must really encourage potential users to know that Lenovo are going to take endless time to work out if Blackberry actually have anything worthwhile buying into. A real confident boost, but hay all those Canadian workers must feel good knowing they have a job waiting for them in China at a 5th of their present rate, even if it is only training their replacements. Hell even I’m feeling depressed.

  4. To all of you who suggest that BlackBerry is dead…. try out the Z10 for at least a week. You will find going back to the iPhone difficult. The Z10 is simply a gem! Well executed, selling quite nicely and will hold its own against all comers. No doubt that iPhone users love their toy, but try a tool for a change and you will be pleasantly surprised. Now please “Bash” away as you are all very good at it!

    1. I dunno Humility. Your post sounds kind of “shill” like.
      However, it would be really cool if there were another phone and OS in the game. One that was not a blatant copy. One that was not freetarded. Theoretically Microsoft is in a position to do that. But they are still Microsoft and we all know how that will end.
      Blackberry should be able to kick ass. The Blackberry was awesome back in tha day…

    2. @”Humility”: I hope you’ll send your “toy” message to the Android set. They need it and could benefit from it. It just sounds stupid here…

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